Thursday, May 21, 2015

Day 3 of Travel

Good Morning Friends!!

Yesterday was another really good day. I only have one food post because I completely forgot to post my lunch at work and then at dinner.

For breakfast I first started off my day by getting up and heading to the gym. I got a good 45 minutes on the elipitical while watching Parenthood. I am blazing through that series and really loving it. If you have Netflix, do yourself a favor and put it on your list to watch it!!!

After my work out, which by the way is a huge win to begin with because I never get up early to get a work out in, I usually do it after work, but I was going to my Aunts for dinner and knew I wouldn't have time later on.

Breakfast was of course another great win...

Eggs, Potatoes and a piece of burnt bacon, which is exactly how I like it lol. And of course I had my beloved coffee.

I then after a great start to my morning, came back upstairs and got comfy in my big bed for a little bit befor having to get ready.

Right across from the mall I am working out is a Dunkin Donuts!!!

I am one very happy girl with this!!! 

For lunch I brought a yogurt and some hummus with carrots and pretzels to the store with me. After work I went to my Aunt Debby's house for dinner. She only lives 30 minutes from where I am staying so it was sooo great to see her and my uncle and cousin. She made me chicken parm, with zucchini, brocoli and rice and a big salad. I was in pure heaven and for dessert she gave me some pistachio ice cream.

Which she gave me a big bowl but I was more than full and only ate half. I acutally stopped when I was full. Another HUGE win!!

I got back to the hotel around 10:15 and I was tired! It was a long early day for me, BUT I have a FitBit now and I have a goal of 10,000 steps. I was so close, so I walked around in circles until I hit the goal. Yes, just paced back and forth haha. I am determined and I am glad a little spark has started in me again.

I curled up in bed for a bit and had some fruit while I watched some Netflix.

I am so proud of myself and how well I am doing while on traveling. There hasn't been any big challenges but the way I am handling it, I am impressed. And I haven't weighed myself all week and don't plan on it until I get back home and despite what the scale says, I know how I have been feeling and I am more than happy with that alone.

Today is another set up for success day!! But I am have to concentrate on getting in more water today and I can't wait to get back to an area when I can run too.

Hope everyone is having a great week!!
Any small successes you are having this week too???