Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Day One of Travel

Good Tuesday Evening!!!

Sorry these posts are going to be a day late and later in the day then normal, but my days are busy from start to finish. And I love it!!

Yesterday was such a long travel day. My morning started at 5:15 and then at 6, the Super Shuttle picked me up from my apartment to drive me to the airport. I was so impressed with the service I got with Super Shuttle, they were quick and efficient and reasonably priced. I will be using their services more often. James got to sleep in and I didn't have to drive at all or park my car for the whole week. It really is a win win.

Once I got to the airport, the whole process was quite easy and quick, which honestly I love when it comes to the airport. I, immediately hit up Starbucks, how could I not??

I got a grande blond roast coffee, my favorite by the way and an oatmeal and banana. I love Starbucks oatmeal, they give you a packet of mixed nuts, dried fruit and brown sugar. Plus it is all pre-tracked in the Weight Watchers App. I used half of each of the packets, because I honestly do not a full packet of each.

I settled with my warm oatmeal and pulled up my Netflix and got an episode of Parenthood in while I waited to board. Seriously I am obsessed with that show.

After my first flight, I had a quick connection in NC, my stomach was growling and it was time for a little mid morning snack. I was in the mood for something light, and believe I almost got a bag of dried mango, nuts, chocolate or a thing of trail mix. Which, all could be great options, besides them being so expensive, I knew I would have no control and eat the whole bag, wasting some points and calories. So I found a yogurt and got a diet coke, for a little more caffeine, it was perfect.

My next flight was again quick and I got through a lot of my new book and as you know posted two blogs. That alone made me feel so accomplished. 

My mom was waiting for me at the airport and it was great to see her. I haven't seen her since March, and we had left on not great terms then, so this was a nice time to see her. Plus, she took the day off to pick me up, which was so nice of her. On the way home, we stoped at a rest area pit stop and they had a Quiznos there, so I got the turkey lite wrap.

Turkey with lettuce, onions, tomato and balsamic vinaigrette. I had a couple of my mom's Lays chips. And enjoyed a Diet Coke. The one thing with traveling is I am so bad at not drinking water for some reason. I am trying these next couple days to get back to my 100 oz. I am fueling myself much more on caffine then anything else lol.

I had a quick pit stop at my Poppy's house, I had to pick up his car. He is so amazing and to help me out with this really cool experience, he has let me borrow his car for the week. That alone has saved me so much money, it is fantastic. It was great to see him so quickly, he looks much more healthier than the last time I saw him, which I can't even explain how awesome that makes me feel. I had about a 3 hour ride ahead of me. I meant to stop for more coffee, but forgot, so I was struggling a bit with caffine and remembered I had a tootsie pop in my purse and that was a life saver for me. I highly recommend lollipops, because they can we low in calories and settle that crunch and sweet craving.

I finally got to the hotel around 7 pm. Which I can not explain how beautiful and amazing this hotel is. It is a suite and I have a mini apartment here for me. It is amazing and I am truly blessed that my company has treated me so nicely with this set up. I feel right at home and even more, I feel comfortable, even with being out of my comfort zone. Once I got checked in, I unpacked my stuff, got settled and out of my clothes into something comfy.

I went to the grocery store down the road and picked up some essentials. I know I will be eating at my Aunt's one night and I didn't have the energy to pre think of anything else to want to have later on. So I picked a couple of snacks and healthy things I can munch on, or better yet, throw into my bag to bring to the store with me, if I got hungry. I don't want to spend a lot of money eating out, so if I can save that is alright with me.

I got some fruit, carrots, Hummus, which I have been dying to try and the Balance Breaks, Pretzel Crisps and some Quest Bars to bring with me for a lunch. Honestly, I was finding items, I can not find in Florida. And the yogurt and Artic Zero, because it will settle a snack or dessert. The Artic Zero came into play last night, as I was laying in my big King size bed, wathcing Netflix. I mean seriously is this my real life this week haha.

By the time I finally sat down for dinner, I was starving and seriously could have ate everything in sight. I hit the salad and soup bar that ShopRite had. I added everything good on to the salad, even though it made it a 13 dollar salad, I was so happy with it and it tasted amazing.

I have to say I am pretty happy with my success of yesterday. I mean I made smart choices and stayed within a good range of points. I went over my 26, by 5, but I did great, I didn't splurge at all.

Successful first day!!!