Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sometimes You Have to Go Off The Grid...

Happy Tuesday!!!

This little lady finally had her day off and it was glorious and counting haha. It started last night around 5:00 o'clock.

James and I both were out of work and since I had a long week and because I was PMSing, HARD CORE, by the way, Happy Hour was just what the Doctor ordered. We decided to head over to Gulfport, which if you are not familiar with my area, is a little town, city, whatevs that is so darn cute. Very laid back and chill and have some really awesome bars and scenery to just take in. It was Monday and the places were packed.

We started our night with some margaritas. Side note, we took a Lyft by the way. No driving for us, had to throw that in there in case Mama was reading because I know she worries.

Freaking delicious and the salt, OH MAN. I love me some salt on margaritas, which is strange because I do not put it on anything else. 

We are truly blessed to live where we live. I mean, this was our Monday night. We had one more margarita here before moving on next door. I, asked the bartender to make it as skinny as possible and she suggested just club soda and tequilla with limes and salt. PERFECT. Surprisingly it was delicious and hit me like a ton of bricks.

The next place we went too was right next door and we knew they had some really good food. The menu looked awesome but I was in a picky kind of meal and was really craving carbs and little things. We each order two apps and just picked. I got Buffalo chicken tenders and Sweet Potato Waffle fries, came with them and then some fish spread, served with carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and Jalpeno relish. It was delicious and another margarita.

The waffle fries were amazing. I mean I cant even explain them. I could eat just all of them. The thing with me and alcohol is it hits me fast now because I drink like once a month but it also makes me super hungry and tied in with my PMS and because I ate light all day. Nothing stood a chance. I became super full fast, and those lonely drinks sitting in the background, rarely got touched. Those sweet potato fries were too die for and you know what I didn't have a care in the world. I didn't track this night because I deserved to just have a meal off the grid. I work really hard at work and work really hard outside of work and I wanted to just be a little bit human again. Not that I am not human, but I wanted to pretend that there were no points, calories or anything for the night. I knew when to stop and when I was full and when we got home, I pounded water and a couple of dark chocolate PB mini cups. I could have ate the whole bag, but stuck with 4. That is a win all its own.

I didn't go to bed feeling bad or ashamed, I went to bed with a big smile on my face because I had an awesome night out with James. We rarely just go out the two of us and rarely do we just enjoy it.

This morning, I felt it though. I felt so bloated, thanks to everything, my face was puffy, my glands were a bit swollen and I knew I had to flush out my system a bit. So I got right back on track. No ifs ands or buts. I pounded my water, coffee and made a great breakfast.

See it really is all about balance. Last night was just one night, didn't doesn't mean I am off track and not getting back on. I cant say that enough, one meal, night or day, however you plan means you are going to gain all your hard work back. It just means you have to fight just a bit harder, shake it off and move on. 

I tell my staff when we have a bad sale or a bad day, that sale, customer or day does not define us. It just means the next day, sale or customer we have to come back stronger and ready to go. We have to get back what we lost with that customer and move on. Keep it going, not give up. It is a constant battle but we are better and stronger.

That's how I felt this morning. There was no doubt in my mind I wasn't going to have a great breakfast and lots of water and making good choices through out the week now. I will track the rest of the week and work in my exercise. But this mindset has be enbedded into me now. On Thursday we are going out for the day, and yes I might have a treat here or there, but I am working really hard towards doing better and the next meal will be stellar.

This morning was a big NSV (non scale victory) for me. Because I felt amazing after my egg white scramble and apples. And sure the scale was not fun, but last night was.

My NSV continued today with my run. I was lazy all day today and catching up on DVR and getting sucked into Parenthood on Netflix, amazing show by the way and I want to just spend all day binge watching it. I tell ya, when I commit to a show, I commit to a show. I am almost done with Season 2, everything else is sitting behind now haha.

I took a quick nap and when I got up the weather was crazy outside, so I knew I needed to get my run in now before I got poured on. So I went out and didn't take my beeper and I just wanted to run. Run like really fast, just run, until I felt my heart explode. Like sprints. So I did just that, just running, my hardest without hurting myself, lol and trying to chase the rain, thunder and lightening. Believe me I love rain, but running in it and lightening, do not go well for me.

And this is what happened...

I haven't seen that in a real long time, that pace or strength I should say. Sure it is only a mile, but man I was giving it everything I had and now I know I am getting better and better. That is the fastest I have ran in about a year. Under 11 minute mile. I mean I have not seen that on my own, in a long time. A huge confidence booster considering the ankle and everything. See because despite the scale and its ups and downs, my running isn't defined by that. My running is defined by me. It doesn't matter how much I weigh, it just matters how much heart I put into it.

I needed this small BUT victorious run tonight. It was a run that just made me feel really good again. It gave me that spark back.

My suggestion is sometimes you have to go off the grid. You have to have a cheat night, you have to put rules and beepers away and just eat and run and its funny because the outcome could be something you didn't expect.