Monday, May 18, 2015

StitchFix #3

After my first 2 StitchFixs I was uncertain on the program and while I was happy with it and was giving me ideas, I was going to give it once more and then decide if it was going to be for me or not.

Well this fix was perfect! And seriously if I wasn't going away for work I would have bought all 3 shirts in the fix but my budget wasn't going to work that way haha. And I have decided to stay with StitchFix for a little bit more. It really is a fun service and I get very excited when I see it outside my door once a month!

Here is what came in mine this time! And I happily bought one of the items ;0)

I really loved this mint and grey "sweatshirt" shirt. When I read it on the form at first before seeing it, I read sweatshirt and thought, ummm I live in Florida and it is summer, not happening. But surprised it was short sleeved and had a blouse like material on the back. Very casual but a bit dressy. Only problem I didn't like it fit on my arms. My arms are a bit chunky so I have a hard time with shirts, so I felt a bit self conscious. I passed on this shirt.

Each fix I have been getting has had some orange or coral shirt and this one was no exception. The material on this shirt was amazing. It was so comfy and I LOVED the color and it went beautifully with my tan. But I set a limit for only one shirt and the next one got me from immediatlely opening the box. But again this was another big win.

Okay I loved and LOVE everything about this shirt.  I purchased this one because I knew right away I wanted it. The colors, the length, the size, it was me all the way. It looked a bit big but it fit perfectly, and I could tuck it in. 

The shirt was only 28.00 and with StitchFix you get a 20.00 credit monthly that you can use towards your purchase, so I got the shirt for 8.00!!!! I mean it is amazing. I wore it today haha

This was a Hit and I'm so glad I purchased it!

My other two items were jeans and necklace...

The jeans were a big NO. I didn't like the grey color or the length, the feel and stretch were nice and made my big old booty a bit cute

But that was a no haha

This necklace was 38.00 and for me, I prefer much cheaper accessories. I'm all about clearance and under 10.00 haha! My style but not budget.

I loved this Stitch a lot and very pleased we were are getting on a path. It is such a fun company and concept and I love how I feel trying on new items and exploring a bit. Give it a try at least once :0)

Can't wait for number 4!!!