Monday, May 25, 2015

Last legs of the Trip

Okay so my business trip is over and done with! It was such a great experience and a learning moment for me for sure! So here are some pictures from Friday and Saturday...

Oh I love thee!! Btw sugar free caramel with sugar coconut with Splenda and akim milk is my all time favorite now!

I brought them as a going away treat. I had half. Win moment!

Big lunch from Cheesecake Factory became dinner

Spent my Friday night laying in the bed, eating dark chocolate almonds. I was beat!

Last breakfast at the hotel and I didn't eat the yogurt!

Goodbye selfie mirror!

Finally back to Poppy's!! Had a snack and then a run

The weather was perfect, I was just a bit beat, and tired and dehydrated 

We had a BBQ and I had amazing corn on the cob and a hot dog! So worth it, j haven't had a BBQ with my family in a long long time

And a fruit tart for dessert!!! Cookie bottom and such fresh fruit!!

It was a really great week but im ready to go back to Florida tonight!! Having breakfast with my mom and then to the airport. This opportunity was given at such a perfect time! Now back to routine and cracking down until my next trip in June!!