Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Day 2 of Travel

Hello Again!!!!

Yup I haven't gone anywhere and I am still here to report on my second day.

I hope you enjoy a day to day in my life kind of posts. I am loving it and I think I might do this more often.

Today was a pretty great day. Training at the store for the new associates there went amazing. They are like little sponges and grasping on to everything I am showing them, seriously it makes my heart full. I truly love the training aspect I do in my job.

I, honestly, didn't sleep all that great last night. I tossed and turned a bunch, due to the part of being out of my element. But the bed is awesome and I could have stayed in that thing all day. I knew I would be able to work out tonight after work, so I took advantage of sleeping in a bit more.

The hotel provides a pretty awesome free breakfast. There are hot itmes, such as a special freatured item, this morning was shredded potatoes, sausage links and a egg burrito. Then they have cold cereal, oatmeal with toppings, bread products, danishes, fruit, juices, you can make your own waffle, hard boiled eggs and yogurt and coffee.

I had some coffee of course and two hard boiled eggs, a yogurt, some potatoes and sausage...

I am so glad that they provide a breakfast and they provide a dinner, which is awesome!!! I will get to that soon.

Then I put on my big girl panties, shaked my nerves and headed out the door...

Perfect selfie mirror, fyi :0)

Across from the mall they have a Dunkin Donuts. I will be there everything morning, I mean how can I not.

For lunch and snack at work, I packed one of those balanced breaks, which was some cheese, nuts and dried fruit and I brought a QuestBar with me. I got a Venti Iced Green Tea also, unsweetened. 

When I got back from work, the hotel was having a dinner from 5:30-7:30. I thought it was a quick little finger foods, but to my shock and surprise, they had a full dinner set up. I mean not a full dinner, but buffet style of some pretty amazing things.

There was crab cake, some pasta, summer squash, cucumber and tomato salad, a roll and a salad with chick peas and fat free ranch. All free, this Hilton is no joke. I am living like a Princess this week, so spoiled. I am overguessing points on this because I really have no idea how it was prepared. This just took a huge weight off my shoulders that this is provided for me and so convient.

After filling my belly, I came back to my room, relaxed a bit and then hit up the hotel gym. I used the elipitcal for 36 minutes and then did some abs and arms.

Another successful day!! I am loving this and feeling really great this week too. Tomorrow I am going to my Aunts for dinner, so I am working out in the morning. I wish I could run here, but the area doesn't have the best sidewalk areas, so I am sticking to just the gym and will run when I get to my Poppys house. My plan is to have my rest day yesterday and Friday.

Okay, now a shower, my Artic Zero and Parenthood before dream land!!

Have a great week everyone.