Thursday, May 14, 2015

Business Away

Kind of exciting news coming my way. I was offered an opportunity to go to NY to train new Store Managers and Assistants. I was given this chance to help out and I jumped on it right away. It is very exciting and nerve wrecking. It is a bit out of my comfort zone, but that is growth.

I am going to Long Island Monday-Friday and then I get to go see my family on Saturday and Sunday and fly back to Tampa on Sunday. It really is a win win all the way around. I get to grow with my company and I get to see my family. The one downfall is I will be eating out every day. Thankfully breakfast is served at the hotel every morning, so I will surely be taking advantage of that and there is a fitness area.

But lunch and dinner will be eating out. My plan is that the hotel has a fridge in the room and there is a grocery store close by. That way I can get some little things to bring to work with me for at least lunch. My other plan is to stay connected through the blog here, by posting my meals and experiences because this is kind of my first business like trip alone and by myself.

So wish me luck and that I do a great job training these new hires and successful by staying on track!!

Happy Thursday.