Friday, May 26, 2017

A Little PSA on The Run-Walk-Run

I have a little bit of a rant right now...

Which by the way HI!!! I know it has been quite some time since I last posted. Life has been a bit crazy and super busy with work. Seriously I feel like all I do is work, sleep and eat haha.

Oh and fit in some work outs here and there, which this week I have been on point, despite Mother Nature came and I was on a mini vacation with James.

Okay so here is my rant...

The other night after work I decided to go for a run. I do not run in the gym, I always hit the pavement around our neighborhood. Seriously I know each direction and the miles they will give me. I love my neighborhood, so many things to look at and at times lots of people out doing the same thing as me. People will honk as I am running on by, smile and wave, it is extra motivation I need.

When I first started running I was nervous people would make fun of me, or see my jiggly thighs or if my shirt rised up a bit, how embarrassing. But then I got over that fear because I realized,  running was my escape and I LOVED it and I still do.

I have always followed Jeff Galloway, Run-Walk-Run. Meaning Run for a certain amount of minutes, then walk a min or .30 seconds and then Run again. It is the way I learned how to run and how to run long distance and my favorite way to run. Even if I do not have my GymBoss beeper on, I still use the run walk run. I used it with all my half marathons AND with my FULL marathon, the whole dang time.

When I ran my first race, I was so nervous people were going to get mad at me for walking. But then when I got in the crowd, I heard people using their beepers too, and running and walking and I felt amazing. I felt like I was apart of this super awesome job. In Nashville, dang everyone was walking the majority of the time. See even though we weren't running for that minute, DOES not mean we STOP. We are STILL Moving, so slowing it down a bit.

Here is where I get a bit mad. I was out running the other day and my run became a walk. A guy at a stop or turn signal rolled down his window and with a smile, motioned me to not stop and keep going, like I was being lazy for walking. He looked at me, like I was giving up, like I was stopping to give up!!! Which I was not. I was transitioning into my walk, he had seen me running and thought it was too hard for me, so I stopped and wasn't going to keep going.

I gave him a half smile and continued on, fuming inside, which in turn made my run a bit better. Thank you random stranger. But it got me thinking, why is it an issue for the walk?? Why when I start walking does it make people seem like it is not okay, that is the universal sign of all done??? When in actuality it is FAR from it. The walk break is a break, a quick way to regain composure a bit, a water break and it helps with injury. PLUS it allows me to love the run.

There are so many intervals and apps and articles on the benefits of run walk run, but why do we still give the assumption that when someone is walking while running they are giving up. Sure, the guy thought he was being motivating telling me to keep going, but I WAS keep going and I kept on going for 3 more miles.

I guess this is more of PSA than a rant, or heck a little bit of both. BUT when you see someone out running and walking and maybe even catching them doing both, how about congratulating them. Yell out good job! Yell out keep going or simply smile!! Honk, even though that scares me. Because that walk does not mean they are struggling or maybe if they are, they are STILL moving. The body is still in motion and they are NOT giving up, they are still putting one foot in front of the other!

And maybe when you are out running and walking and if you follow the Run-Walk-Run, someone will remind me to keep going too!!