6+ Mile Morning

I figure on my longer runs, I can post the details here. Usually my shorter ones I wont post, unless it is a milestone in the making sort of run.

This run took place on Bayshore Blvd. Awesome place to run, same place as my second half marathon. Close to the water, awesome breeze, lots of people out doing the same thing as you. Its hard to not stay motivated in Florida, there are so many awesome people out in the morning, day, night doing the same thing as you, trying to be better.

The run was good, I struggled a bit in the end, around mile 5, I have a sharp pain in my upper thigh. I was feeling a bit run down and tired. I had to walk for a couple extra seconds. I did stay hydrated but my legs did start to feel very heavy. I hadn't ran that long of miles in well over a month, so it was just adjusting to a longer time frame. Managed to get through and keep my time at about where I want to be. Really shooting for a 10:30 or less mile, determination is the key!

All in all a great run, day off, morning run. It was nice to go back to a place that means a lot to me in my running success. This area is definitely a do again in my training process or just fun run schedule.


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