A Start of Something New...

So here goes nothing and bear with me, I am very new to blogging. I will make grammar mistakes, I will ramble on and I will  have plenty of run on sentences. I did in fact go to college for writing and did inspire to me a journalist years ago, but reality set in and blogging is now going to be my outlet to writing. But, I am not here to blog about my bachelors degree, I am here to blog about my life, and mainly my life around eating, running and sparkling. I am currently on Weight Watchers, and a new found runner obsessed girl who is happy, bubbly and loves anything and EVERYTHING that involves sparkles and well animal print, but I really couldn't find a way include animal print into my title. This blog will be my journey and your journey too, if you so choose to hope on board with me, through my healthy and fun life.
 Now who where do I begin... I joined Weight Watchers about 2 years ago, hoping to loose weight, well boy was I wrong, I gained!! Ha, not gained weight, I in fact have lost 81 pounds and counting, BUT gained a whole new life! Weight Watchers, literally saved my life. The day I stepped on that scale and found I had weighed 234 pounds, and standing at all a wee 5 foot tall, I nearly cried. I knew I had gained a significant amount of weight, but to be way over 200 pounds, was too much for me to handle. I can't even pin point what had happened to get me to that weight, not caring happened, comfort happened, college, quitting smoking, eating out, not understanding portion or serving size, basically my whole childhood and teenage years or struggle and life happened. So on January 25, 2011, when I stepped on that scale, I vowed to never look back! And I haven't!!!
 From losing the weight I have gained confidence, a joy and love of running, I have completed 3 half marathons, (i'll discuss those at a later time), a overwhelming amount of pride and happiness and mostly I have gained the person inside I was always meant to be. BUT like all things in life, I still have a ways to go. My ultimate goal is to be down a total of 100 pounds, so a nice 134 goal weight, even more of an ultimate goal, my WW goal, to weigh 128 pounds, so I still have some work to do and boy am I determined. 
So here I am! I am real, i am flawed, I have losses and I have gains, actually just gained 2 pounds, was on vacation last week, one too many cheat days, but I pull myself up and move on. I have really awesome running moments, where I think to myself, I am a true runner, and then I have really bad days, where my legs wont even move, but even so, I still run!! I am not sure where I am headed with this blog, but I am hoping to show anyone who reads, that I am just an everyday girl, doing the same things as you, and I am just here to tell you, you can do it too!! So join me, follow me, read this blog and live my life with me. I'll indulge you in my life, my food finds, my Weight Watchers tracker and daily eats, my shopping trips, my running love and exercise routines. My awesome product finds and maybe not so awesome product finds. You will follow what goes on in the this beautiful, crazy life of mine. Hold on it is going to be quite a sparkly ride :0)!


  1. Great Start! I love this! You are amazing and such an inspiration!


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