When you need a little crunch....

I am a huge snack monster!!! I love to snack!! Come over to my house, ask my boyfriend, look at my Instagram and you will see I am obsessed with snacks. And I tend to not discriminate against types of snacks. I just love to pick and snack through out the day, which snacking is what got me into weight gain problems my life. BUT now I know what to snack and how to snack!!

Today I was traveling for work and no matter what, if I am traveling or not, I always bring my lunch and snacks with me. So today I brought a turkey sandwhich, some grapes, a plumout (plum that married an apricot, Delish!) a Dannon Light and Fit Key Lime yogurt, and Blue Diamond Blueberry Almonds mixed with Target Banana Baby Puffs. Yes, I eat baby food puffs!! They are an amazing mix in to Ice cream, yogurt, frozen yogurt, trail mix, popcorn, etc. I don't even have kids and I love them! I picked up this banana puffs because I love the taste of bananas!

Now here is the awesome part, you have 90 pieces, 90!!!! for 25 calories, which comes out too 0pp!!! Woohoo!!!! That alone makes me jump up and do a crazy, arms throwing happy dance! What an awesome way to get a little extra crunch to your snack, which really is all I am looking for, is some crunch factors!! They come in bunch of different flavors, I am seriously going to try each flavor. Now most baby food companies, carry something like this, I got Target because they were cheaper, I am frugal!

I took 27 Blue Diamond Blueberry Almonds (4pp) and mixed probably about 30 puffs (0) and shook them up in a little ziplock bag. After I had my lunch, I couldn't wait to dive into my snack! And boy did it hit the spot!! Just the right amount of sweetness and the crunch I was looking for. Branch out and try some on your own, the possibilities are seriously endless. Baby food isn't for little ones anymore ;0)

up & up™ Little Puffs - Banana (1.48 oz.)
         Almonds                                                                     Puffs

Happy Snacking!!!


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