Comfort Foods: PB&J Sandwich

I know a lot of people complain when they are "dieting" they cant eat anything, just lettuce and air. Well I can tell you I eat everything and anything. I eat whatever I want, whenever I want and however I want, BUT I choose to do it in a healthier way and on my terms. I have not given up anything I loved before, I have just made it a different way and found ways to make it fit my new lifestyle now. Case in point, PB & Jelly Sandwiches.

Growing up and throughout life I loved comfort foods and believe me, you will see lots of posts of comfort like foods from me. The difference is how I go forward with them now, instead of how I used too.

For instance my PB and Jelly Sandwich is made with the amazing PB2, Sugar Free Strawberry Preserves and Light 45 Calorie Bread. My PB&J is only 3pp, where a typical one can run you about 11pp!!! Are you kidding me??? I could have 4 of my version for 11 regular one. WOW!! Its amazing on this journey, I have looked back on how I used to eat and where I am not and the difference is crazy. I have no desire to go back, not because of the calorie content or the point difference, but because I have seriously no desire or urge, I love powdered peanut butter and sugar free preserves, my taste buds adjusted and I let them because I am motivated to make this my life and keep it that way.

3pp sandwich and 3pp Chobani Yogurt! Yum!


  1. Hey love, I was just curious about something. I'm not sure how it works with you and James, but Karl and I have different tastes. For example, he'd never eat powdered pb, but I'm down for whatever's lower cals. So I guess my question is, do you two tend to eat together and just eat things you both like, or do you generally do your own meals so you both eat what you like? Just wanting other couples points of view. I want to like cook and shop for us both, but it's not always easy.

  2. The thing I was most worried about when I started WW was how I was going to eat and cook with James. I knew he wasn't a fan of low cal, fat free items, etc. So I kind of took it one day at a time. He does not cook, I do all the cooking, so I just slowly started incorporating things into our meals a little bit at a time, example, whole wheat pasta when we had pasta night, with light sauce and turkey meatballs, fat free dressing, etc. The most amazing thing about James is he never complains, he eats whatever I put out. Now he has an opinion and will tell me to make or not make it again. Most of the time the fat free stuff taste the same as the original. But I also make sure to keep stuff in the house that is just for him, for instance, he would never eat powdered peanut butter! Ever, I tried lol. So he has his own peanut butter, which happens to just be reduced fat. But he has surrendered over to my
    crazy side or he just wouldn't eat haha or just buy take out every night. My suggestion is just take it slow, try things together, and then work from there. Don't change everything at once and then slowly work it in and keep some of the old things around, your taste buds and brain will learn to not crave or want the full calorie items anymore


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