Running Essentials

When I am out on a run my mind is running also. At times my mind is running faster than my own feet. While I am running, I'm thinking about the day, work, friends, cleaning my apartment, what I will make to eat, my grocery list, what I will be wearing for work that day, when I can get a nap in, I thinking about what other people may be thinking, thinking about keeping my eyes up so I don't trip, thinking about what song will be coming up next, TV shows I am watching, things to do on the computer, my blog and topics (like this one), I think about my family and a lot of times my dad, but all in all while I am running, I am thinking about life and how much I love running.

So today while I was running, I was thinking about what I can post today. I came up with my favorite running essentials. I guess what prompted this topic was I thinking about all the stuff I pack up when I am going on a long run. Usually when I plan my long runs, I have a mapped out area when I can get a lot of miles in, different paths and routes. I usually drive downtown, but today I went over to Tampa and ran actually some of the course I did for my 2 half marathon. Its gorgeous over there and the area is full of runners. That is why I love it, seeing so many people out there getting healthy and fit and clocking miles and paces, inspires me and pushes me farther and faster.

Okay, again I got off the topic at hand lol.

Back to what I originally was getting at, when I clock my longer runs in I use my fuel belt, which holds 2 10oz bottles and has a little part to it, to carry my sports beans, GU, keys, Drives License and my Credit Card. I use my head phones, these awesome ones that I got at Target a year ago, they wrap around your ear and never fall out. I have small ears and these fit perfectly. My arm band to hold my phone. And I also have a wrist band that holds my car keys, plus it works fantastic for when I am sweating, it helps to get the sweat out of my eyes and burning my contacts.

Then my favorite item of all time for my long and I use on my short runs, is my GymBoss interval beeper. It clocks my running into splits. I do 8:00 minutes of running and 1:00 minute of walking. The device counts downs and beeps and vibrates at each split. I LOVE THIS DEVICE. My friend got me hooked when she helped me train last year for my first half and then she bought me my own for my birthday this year. It is an amazing tool. It not only helps me with my running and keeping a decent pace, but helps with recovery afterwards because I don't feel tired or weak, I feel strong and not beat and worn out.

Music is another big favorite and essential of mine. I use my iPhone as my music player. I don't use iTunes, I use Pandora, most of the time. I also have a free music app I downloaded which I made play list with and I have found apps that offer free running music, such as Rock My Run and FITradio. When I am using Pandora, I subscribed to the app so I didn't any interruptions, I love certain stations, Top Hits, Top Adult Hits, Pop Fitness, Workout Radio and Glee Cast (total Gleek). They have great variations and keep me going when a song I love pops up, usually when I am running I don't feel the need to skip the songs and this helps there is a different style and song each time. Rock My Run and Fitradio are pre-set play list, some better than others. I use these apps on small runs so I can get used to them or when I am working out in the gym. The Free Music App I use is just for fun. I download any new song I like and add to the list, right now it is a lot of Glee, not sure why, but Glee puts me in such a great mood, I can't go wrong with their songs. A dork I know but hey it gets me through the miles.

These items are the key to my success and I try to never leave or run without them, especially leading up to my half marathon. I have to run the same way I would on race day when I am training so I am used to it. The single water bottle displayed I use on days when I am clocking 4 miles or less. It is also a 10oz water bottle, but this one I hold in my hand with the wrist carry. I use this one for short runs to make sure I am staying hydrated. I also bring it on my walks I do on opposite running days. Running in Florida is brutal at times and staying hydrated is extremely needed, maybe I don't need to consume water at times, but to spray myself with or just to get my mouth wet and spit it out, sounds weird I know but running sometimes drys out your mouth.

All these items can be found on Amazon, Dicks, Sports Authority, running stores, TJMaxx, Target, etc. Find what works best for you. I have mastered what works for me all the way down to the socks I wear, the headbands I use, the underwear I wear and the hair ties I use to tie it back, but that will be another post haha. But seriously find what your comfortable with. Be invested in your running, it is you who is clocking the miles, research, ask other runners, that's how I found what works for me, hopefully it will help it work for you!


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