Weekly Weigh In: A Weird One

As much as I don't want to throw this out there I am going too. I feel like I had a pretty good week, I ran and went to the gym every day except Monday. I got in a long run on Wednesday, did some 2:1 running intervals, went to the gym and worked out and I thought I ate pretty well. I ate over my 49 extra points, but racked up 36 Activity points. I have been drinking tons of water and other liquids, green tea, my diet soda, I know not the greatest but I have an obsession with it lol. I have ate fruits and veggies, but I noticed I was craving carbs a lot this week. Like chips and such, I found healthy alternatives, such as Special K crisps, nothing that were not at least Weight Watchers approved.

So today when I got on the scale before my meeting tonight, I had full hope I would have lost something or stayed the same. Boy was I surprised!! I had gained 4.4 pounds. I literally had tears welling up in my eyes. The manager said by your reaction I am assuming you weren't expecting that. I said no so quickly, and all honestly I had no clue!! 4.4 pounds in a week! I didn't do anything crazy, I didn't go anywhere weird, it wasn't like I was on vacation or having a cheat week, I was shocked. During the meeting I couldn't pay attention to the topic, which so happened to be slip ups. I felt like this was a slip up, but didn't know where the fall came from.

Maybe it was my extra cups of coffee or the goldfish I was having an attack with haha. But none of that matters but what the scale showed. Let me take that back, nothing mattered than how I feel. The scale doesn't always reflect what is going on in your life. I look in the mirror and I do not see someone who gained 4.4 pounds, I see someone who is toning and shaping their body. Someone who is working hard every day to better myself. And after a good hour or so of self pity, I decided to pick myself up!

I laced up my running shoes, got my gear ready and got in a 3.1 mile run. It was a tough run, it was extremely hot, I was wearing the wrong clothes and my mind was definitely distracted, BUT I got the run in. I wanted to at least hit 4 but there was thunder and lightening and I really did not want to get caught in a downpour, no matter how hot I was. I made it back to my apartment, sweaty and satisfied. I started dinner and vowed I was going to be really great this week.

Maybe the gain was due to gaining muscle. Or due to the fact I have been taking a lot of Tylenol for headaches I have been having, this actually happened to me last year the same time, who knows and who cares at this point. I have to own it, look at the bigger picture and move on!!! A gain will happen, its part of the progress!

I cant wait to see it drop off next week though :0)!!

Fingers crossed and toes!!


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