Box Subscription Obsessed

I subscribe to a couple different monthly mail box subscriptions and I think they are awesome. It literally is like Christmas to me, each month when those little, fun filled, totally awesome new product items are waiting on my doorstep. I currently subscribe to Bulu Box, Bestowed and Runners Box. Bulu and Bestowed are a monthly box, while Runner's Box is a bi-monthly subscription. Bulu Box is more geared around  healthy body, vitamins and well being. They have two options to choose from, I choose the Weight Loss box, I have only tried it once, last month and currently waiting for my July box to arrive. Runner's Box is the best subscription for running enthusiasts like myself. It is filled and stuffed to the brim with awesome, new, exciting running and fitness products, geared towards short and long distance runners. That box is backed a little bit more than the other boxes because it is bi-monthly, while the others are monthly. And now to Bestowed. Bestowed box contains about 5-6 full size healthy, unique, new options, hand picked by Heather Bauer, a nutritionist. This lady knows what she is talking about and what she is looking for. This is my second month with Bestowed Box and I haven't been disappointed yet. Today, receiving my Bestowed Box, was an early Birthday gift to myself. Opening it up, I fell in love. There are sweet potato chips, vanilla macaroons, an online exercise subscription, a Chia bar (obsessed with anything and everything Chia related at this point, FYI), crackers, and something so bizarre, but very unique and intriguing, puree Butternut Squash. Oh and a free subscription to Organic Gardening magazine. Once opening my box, I immediately put the point values on each of the items, that way I can plan and track correctly, even though I wanted to indulge and try each item right away, BUT I resisted. I did try the 34 brand crackers, no nutrition content was listed on them. The 34 brand crackers were crisp and light, but I would much rather have a cracker with substance for my hummus and snacking desires. I will report back on each item I try. My view here is subscription boxes are all the rage right now. And there is a box out there for anyone and a decent price point also. Bulu is only 10.00 a month, Bestowed is 20.00 and Runner's Box is 25.00. And you can cancel anytime you aren't satisfied. Google a box, try it out and I am sure you will fall in love with some new items, like I am.
Filled to brim with healthy goodness. Yum!!
Hooray Puree:  1pp
Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato: 5pp for the whole bag
Health Warrior Coconut Chia Bar: 3pp
Emmy's Coconut Vanilla Macaroons: 3pp per 1 cookie. ( I am really going to have to use self control with this one, I LOVE anything coconut, vanilla and well in the shape of a cookie or macaroon-Extra PP here I come lol)
Exercise App to download and Organic Gardening Subscription: 0pp ;0)


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