End of July

July has to be one of my most favorite months. Work begins to not be so crazy in July, I usually take off to spend time with family, the weather gets super hot, which means I can lay out even more, who am I kidding I live in Florida, I lay out all the time hehe, July brings my birthday month, YAY!! I just love July, and this July has been pretty good to me.  I did go on vacation the first of the month and celebrate with my family most of our birthday, practically my whole family is born in July. I got to spend some awesome quality time, which I don't get to do at all, since they all live in New York and Indonesia ( yes my Uncle and cousin live there and that makes them super awesome). Fourth of July was fantastic and even took in firework festivities.

Running was great this month, I got a lot of time in, considering I ran every day while on vacation. I got to test out running hills while home in Catskill, here in Florida we have flat land, so the only hills we have are bridges, which I tend to avoid running, unless its Iron Girl.

My birthday was great! Even though I worked on my birthday, I celebrated it with a morning run, worked with my awesome co-workers and came home and snuggled up with my love. Then the day after we spent the whole day together and did whatever my little heart desired. After my birthday, life got back to normal with work and I have spend the remainder of the month just working out, running and sparkling!!

July also has brought me a running injury I was unaware of. I have seem to pulled a muscle or aggravated my IT band part of my cath, quad and knee. I am trying anything and everything and each day seems to be getting a little better. My foam roller and I have gotten very intimate lately. Also July has brought on a sinus problem yet again. Last year this time I had a really bad sinus infection, so fingers crossed its just something in the air and nothing serious, because I do not want to have to go on the steroid medication again.

I still cant believe the month of July is over and in just 2 hours its the month of July, I guess the saying is right, time flies when you just having fun!!!

July Running Miles: 56.72!!! Wow, I pretty happy about that!! This includes an extra walks I did just on easy days!

July Weight:
End: 155.4
Not happy about that at all..Not sure what is going on, what my body is doing, really hoping that is just gaining muscle. But back to basics and really strick! I have a goal in mind and I am not giving up!!


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