Fab Finds: Fuel and Recover

For my run today I used 3 different items to help push me through the miles. I try to try out different products to really find what works for me. Then when it comes to the last month of training, I will stay with those items for each run, especially when I do the long miles. For example, when I run 10 plus miles, I will wake up and have some water with a multi grain waffle with PB2 on top and a banana, then some flavor of GU. GU has been my go to item, but I had a hard time getting it down, so I am branching out. In this months Bulu Box, I received Power Bar Performance Energy Blend in Banana Blueberry, so I had that before my run, also had a Good Run cookie from Whole Foods. Good Run cookie is filled with nuts and goodness. The Power Bar Performance Energy blend was really tasty. I love those fruit filled squeeze packets and anything that deals with banana and blueberries. During my run, I just used good old plain water. I took my fuel belt and filled the bottles with 10oz of water, it sure was well needed. And after my run I recovered with Zico Dark Chocolate Coconut Water. Let me tell you Zico coconut water is the absolute best! I am in love with the Dark Chocolate flavor. It is the perfect recover method. It helps put what I lost back in. It's packed with potassium and the most delicious chocolate flavor. I highly recommend going out and finding this product, good news, Walmart, Target and most grocery stores now carry it. When I am drinking this product, I don't count the points, yes I know sip, bit, chew, track, BUT there are items I will cheat with and this water is one of them. I really felt great after this very hot 5 miles and very impressed with these 3 items. Tell me if you have tried them!!

So delicious. 2pp. Perfect for before and recommended for during also. I loved the flavor, great combination of my two favorite fruits. www.powerbar.com

Fully packed with nuts and seeds which is also fueled with good energy. These are made locally and I will going to find more of these, but I did purchase them at Whole Foods in Tampa. 1pp. I think I will use these more for working out at the gym then my longer runs or for my shorter runs. www.goodrunusa.com

This water is great for before or after running or work out. They sell them in single bottles or as a carton, which I purchase now more because it really really is great. 2pp and full of great taste. They have a plain coconut water flavor and a new tropical flavor. www.zico.com


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