Fun Filled Friday

Lets first start off and say today was a fantastic day. I had off of work, which was fantastic enough in its self. I was going on 9 days straight, coming off of a very busy vacation previous, and threw myself into work, preparing for my inventory. So today being my day off alone was glorious! Started the day with a gym session with my very close friend, Jacke, (follow her blog at, she is pretty much amazing).  Our gym sessions are an hour long of catching up, girl talk, venting and working up a sweat at our local gym. Working out with a friend is probably one of the greatest things EVER. Even though it is 6:00 am, I am dead tired and sore, knowing you're meeting one of your best friends, changes the whole dynamic of the day and it becomes a fun task, rather than something you have to do! I recommend finding a gym buddy, they pretty much change your life!! So any who, got the work out in, feeling energized, and ready to take on the day. The bf and I both had off today, he actually took the day off so we could spend the whole day together to celebrate my birthday since we couldn't yesterday (isn't he the best). As per my request because I am a total kid at heart, we went to Busch Gardens. The weather actually held up for most of the afternoon. Here in Florida in the summer, it is our "winter" because it is guaranteed to rain every darn day. We got a good 5 hours in, rode a few roller coasters, checked out the animals and headed on home. It was amazing exercise because you walk all over!! I wish I had tracked it because I know I probably could have earned some activity points from all the walking. We have annual passes, so the fact the lines were super long and it rained, the day wasn't a total wash because we can go back anytime. Side note, going to amusement parks now aren't scary with food. The restaurants had a ton of healthy options. The main key is knowing what you want and picking out the right choices. No matter where I am, I can always modify my food decisions and if I want to cheat I will. I enjoyed fruit today, a turkey wrap and even indulged in a few pieces of caramel popcorn. But the idea is I planned ahead, I worked out and walked, so I could enjoy. After BG, we hit up Whole Foods, which I found a lot of great new finds. Tomorrow I will post those in my Fab Finds Page. Then of course we went to Target, because I do have an obsession with that store, I went in for yogurt and left with 5 new running gear items, most on clearance! I know a bargain. We topped off our day/night with Panera and now curling up to a movie. I swear I am so blessed to have such an amazing boyfriend, who put all my favorite things into one whole day. Its days like this that makes me very optimistic about this year!!


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