Motivation Monday

A little motivation goes a long way...

So, will you????

Hash tags are all the rage now. Not sure when they began or where they began but they are everywhere. I admit, I am a hash tag addict. I love it, I wish I could hash tag my life everyday, believe me more days more questionable then others. Think about it, what hash tags would you use for your life? Hmm for me, runner, sparkly, bubby, tired, boss, funny, fitness, weight watcher, sweet, now blogger, lol. I could go on and on. But one hash tag that I have grown to love on Instagram and Facebook is motivation Monday or motivational Monday, which ever you choose. Poor Monday gets such a bad rap. Its the start of the new week, most people have had the weekend off and back to the grind bright and early. I don't work a typical 9-5, so Monday's don't tend to bother me much. I do however, love motivation because I think everyone needs that here and there, something to kick start their day. And if I can do a play on words, then so be it. So on Monday's I will try to take part with Motivation Monday's here by posting a picture or quote of some sort to kick start every one's day. My motivation this morning was to get out of bed and just go and work out. I had no energy and no ambition, but I put my big girl panties on and hopped out of bed, 20 minutes after my alarm originally went off but I did it. It took a lot of coaxing but the voice in my head telling me to do it was louder than how my body was feeling. Once I got up and went to the gym I felt great! I did 40 minutes of resistance of 10 on the cyber Arch and then 20 minutes of weights, focusing on my legs and arms. And then I was done. An hour of working out and done before 9! I didn't stop there, had a good breakfast and now a little relaxation before my closing shift. See even an hour can make a difference, I burned close to 500 calories and earned 4 activity points, I wouldn't do that sleeping for an extra hour. And my motivation...knowing I am changing myself for the better! Have a great Monday!!


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