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Tuesday's are a crazy and mixed feeling kind of day for me. I usually head into work early on Tuesday's, so I can get out on time to go to my Weight Watchers meeting and weigh in for the week. I really do not fear the weekly weigh in, I actually look forward to it every week. In the last 2 years since I have joined WW, I have never missed a weigh in. I weigh in every week, maybe not always on Tuesdays, maybe Monday or Sunday, depending if I will be out of town that week. I weigh in before I go on vacation and weigh in after I come back (I even raced to my last weigh in from vacation the minute I got off the plane), even if I have to stay late at work or my schedule changes or if there is an emergency in my life (such as the day my father died, I went in weighed myself in so I could have a sense of control and normalcy after getting that horrific phone call) I make sure I get on that scale, well now that you get the point and I don't want you to feel bad for me, the point is I hold myself accountable no matter what kind of week I have or what may be going on. Even though sometimes my weight is out of my control, example that loving time of the month, retaining water, etc. I have control on getting on that scale.

Also I do not own or have my own scale here at our home. I will not buy one! I only weigh in once a week, I weigh in with my shoes off and wear the same light clothing every week. I don't want a scale in my home for the fear I will become to obsessed. I like the fact of weighing in once a week, it gives me a sense of accountablity, control and tradition.

For the past couple of months, I have been on a roller coaster ride with my weight. One week I am down a pound, next week I am up a pound. Anytime I do a long run,  for instance the week of my half marathon, I am up usually 2-3 pounds, you would think running 13.1 miles, you would drop the weight and have no problem, not when you are retaining water and drinking all your body weight to replenish. I am still fine toning that process. The inches are coming off, but the weight not as fast as I had hoped. And I know slow and steady and it will come and I am fine with that because the scale does not reflect what I see in the mirror. I do love what I am seeing too these days :0)

Anyway, for the last couple of months I have been sitting at these roller coaster weigh ins. The beginning of the month I weighed 150.8 then I went on vacation, I wasn't horrible, but I ate things I don't normally do, but I ran every day and tracked all my morning and afternoon meals, just not dinner and drinks. When I got back from vacation I put on 2 pounds, not a big deal, but I was back to the yo-yo! Last week I dropped .4 off those 2 pounds, at least it was something.

So today when I weighed in I was hoping for the same or staying and not moving up or down. To my surprise and pleasure I was down 2.2! Even after 2 years of losing weight seeing that number go down is amazing!!! My leader was there and congratulated it  me and I felt great. I know 2 pounds isn't much, but it means the world to me. I yo-yo a lot and seeing that number gives me just the motivation I need to keep it going.  So I now sit at 151 exactly, which I can't even tell you when I was ever that weight growing up!! Its great. I can see it and feel it.

So a small victory but even bigger results. That's my weekly weigh in for this week. Something to take way from all of this is, hold yourself accountable. Weigh in every week, even if you think it is good or bad. If you attend meetings, go every week, hop on that scale and hold your head high. If its bad, shake it off and move on. If its good, high five, smile big, and remember what you did to get there and do it all over again!!!

Oh and treat yourself to a 14pp, good options Taco Tuesday because I totally did!!! ***( In case your wondering, 2 whole wheat soft taco with grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, black olives and salsa with a side of tortilla chips and a diet coke)


So Weigh In...When do you weigh yourself and how do you hold yourself accountable??


  1. I tried doing the weekly weigh-in, but I felt disappointed when I'd track every calorie in and out, and the scale'd go up. So, now I'm trying to hold off from the scales about 2 wks at a time and trying to learn to take it in stride. I know getting healthy is the number one goal, but it's hard not to want the number to match. Keep it up Ang, you're doing awesome!!! <3

  2. I hate that feeling too. Also when I have a lost one week the next week the scale reflects opposite or after a lost my brain goes crazy and I want to eat and snack everything in sight. The weekly weigh ins help me to just stay on track. Your doing great Sarah, the fact that you want to change and get healthy is the best first step, some don't weigh in until just once a month, whatever works for you and your comfortable doing, do it! Your doing awesome!!!!


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