My Love For Diet Soda Cake

First off I have a wicked sweet tooth, which was a big, HUGE problem of my weight gain and life in general. I love sweet and salty, but lean heavenly on the sweet side. Dessert in my family was always and option. There was always cake, cookies, ice cream, pudding, candy, etc available at any reach. And I am not saying it was my families upbringing that made me fat, not at all, I could have controlled myself when I got older. Believe me I am sure I didn't need the doughnut with every coffee or dessert every time I went out to dinner or candy at the movies. I made my own choices!! And my choices got me over 200 pounds!

The beauty is now I can make a choice to find lower calorie and points plus choices. When I started WW I was interested to the beautiful world of Hungry Girl, if you haven't heard of her or have been living under a rock in my world, here is her amazing website! Sign up for her daily emails and research her cookbooks, they will change your life, they did with mine, seriously without her help and tips, I would never have lost as much as I have. So back to what I was saying, I was introduced to hungry girl land and I have never looked back. She has amazing tips for my sweet tooth and saved me. And here we are..her diet soda cake. Now maybe it didn't start with her, but in my world she is the God of this cake recipe. And it couldn't be any easier than this: 2 ingredients!!

1 box of ANY flavor cake mix
1 can of ANY flavor diet soda
Mix together, bake according to time on box. Cool. Enjoy!

You can make this as cake or cupcakes. I have done so many variations.
Funfetti Cake with diet cherry 7UP
Yellow Cake mix with Diet Soda
Chocolate Cake mix with Diet Dr. Pepper or Diet Cherry Coke
Funfetti with Diet Sprite
Red Velvet Cake mix with Diet Dr. Pepper

Its so quick and easy! And if I want to make frosting, I use Fat Free Cool Whip mixed with sugar free pudding mix, vanilla or chocolate. I have even used the single serve of Yoo-hoo mixes (great find, I found at the Dollar Tree). So I can make a complete cake or cupcake and not feel guilty about eating them.

The points plus points do depend on how you are making them. Most cupcakes (24) serving size will come out to 2pp, maybe 3pp. If you cut the cake into 24 slices, 2pp, and 12 sliced, 5pp. Either way I think that is a plus and a win.

Tonight I made:

1 box of Coconut Cake Mix
1 can of Vanilla Coke ZERO
A tsp of coconut extract 
1 tablespoon of roasted coconut chips (amazing and awesome FYI)-found them at Trader Joe's, Whole Foods and TJ Maxx: Score!


I am going to top it with some pineapple and a cherry and enjoy!
Get out and experiment.
Indulge that sweet tooth!!

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