Crock Pot Favorites: Buffalo Cluck Cluck

I am new to the crock pot love, well for the last year or so. I was given one as a hand me down and I love it. I totally didn't realize what I was missing. I thought it was made only for roasts haha, but with the joy and love and obsession with Pinterest, I use that bad boy every week, at least once or twice a week and continuing to branch out with it. This week in my crock pot favorite section of life haha, I chose to make Buffalo Chicken. The best part of all is all it takes is 3 ingredients. Frozen or defrosted chicken breasts, 1 bottle of hot sauce and 1 packet of dry ranch dressing!!! WHAT!? How amazingly easy is that!!

Pour it all together in the love machine, or crock pot, whatever you call yours and cook on low for 6-7 hours. Then when all done, inside the crock pot shred the chicken if you so choose. I shred mine but first take out my boyfriends, he is not a fan of shredded chicken. And that's it!!!

 I ate mind this time over lettuce with some tomatoes and Fat Free Chunky Blue Cheese. Its hard to count points for the chicken, so I usually round up to 6, counting it has 2 breasts, a cup or so. It is so delicious, spicy and extremely better than eating a basket of chicken wings, PLUS it is super easy!! I work retail, so I love anything on nights I close I can just come home to and dive right in.

6pp for the chicken
1pp for the dressing


Link from where I got my recipe from:
Buffalo Chicken Goodness
Once directed search her blog, is dated , Friday, January 27, 2012


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