No Stopping Me

For the past couple of weeks, I have been having some pain in the upper, side left part of my quad. Its a weird pain, very tight muscle, it just feels like I have overworked the muscle. I have been running most of my time, and I do work out at the gym and do weights on my legs and have designated "leg days", so I know I am pushing my body. Ever since I have started running, I have not had any issues, I was blessed. My knees are holding up, no feet issues, I haven't lost any toe nails, the most I have had was some scrapes and bruises from falling or tripping over lips in the side walk. I have had to ice my knees and legs because of over working, but this pain is different.

My friend Jacke has experienced the same pain and took her out of running for a while, so she has been my go to person with how to handle this situation, plus she is studying to be a nurse, its a win win for me. She has given me some great tips on the foam roller, what weights and stretches to use to help this muscle work its way out of my leg. I have google and researched everything.

I am glad this pain is happening now, not in November a couple of weeks before the Women's Half Marathon. So for now I am attacking this head on. I will rest when I need too, strengthen my quads and legs to improve the muscle tendinitis and blood flow, I will hydrate and roll out these knots, even get a deep tissue massage to help the pain.

One thing is for certain, I will not give up. I will find a way to work through this and fix the problem. I will not let this discourage me, I will use it has a learning experience and a stepping stone. Nothing stands between me and my running and goal, nothing will let me down.

I am not a quitter! I am a fighter and its mind over matter :0)!!!


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