New Quest

So from the title you can imagine I would be talking about a new quest I might be venturing out on or a new quest in life, but believe me that is far from it, I am just clever haha. Actually I would like to review the new Questbar that is out in stores and online right now. I love Questbars!!! I mean I really really love Questbars. If you haven't heard about them by now or have tried them, please do yourself a huge favor and go and get some. I have found them at Smoothie Kings, GNC (my main source) and Vitamin Worlds. They are also online at Quest  and even can be ordered through Amazon. I like to go to GNC and pick them up because I can buy them as singles rather than committing to a whole box when you order online.

I was introduced to them from a daily email from Hungry Girl, she had mentioned them in an email about their awesome flavors and their fantastic stats. These stats are impressive, at least 21 grams of protein, 1gram of sugar, 170-190 calories, and about 4g of carbs. A high protein, low sugar and low carb bar!! FANTASTIC! I was looking for something different and these were right up my alley. I researched the flavors and heard Apple Pie was the best at the time. I picked up a couple and yeah I was hooked, I started with Apple Pie and Banana Nut Muffin. I loved them. They were a little bit dry at times, but when you drink with water and a piece of fruit it is quite filling. The points plus range from 4-5 points. Out of the ones I have tried, Apple Pie & Chocolate Brownie are 4pp and the rest tend to be 5pp.

After my obsession with Apple Pie, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough came out and it was all over for me. My absolute favorite. It seriously tastes like a Cookie Dough, a fresh cookie. The best way to eat them is heated up for 8 seconds, they come out warm and gooey. It seriously is like a piece of heaven for me.  A real cookie ranges from 10 pp and up, this little gem, is only 5pp. I also have heated it in the toaster oven for a baked feel and smeared PB2 on top of it before the Color Run for some added goodness and protein.

So yeah you can say I love my Quest Bars, but now they went ahead and added a new addition to my growing family and obsession, White Chocolate Raspberry. I love anything White Chocolate, seriously seeing the words White Chocolate in a recipe is a win for me and a given, BUT I am not a big fan of raspberries. I never was a huge fan of the red color blackberry looking fruit, the seeds always seemed to get in my teeth, but because I value Quest Nutrition so much, I figured I had to give it a try.

They released them  online first, but I waited until GNC had them because I didn't want to commit to a full box, god forbid I didn't like them. Well my GNC finally got them in yesterday and I ran down and stocked up. I got Cookie Dough and the new one. I had planned to have a Chocolate Brownie flavor for lunch, but the new one pumped that right out of the water. It was awesome and tasted delicious. Just like the cookie dough where there is real pieces of cookie, there was real pieces of raspberries and chunks of white chocolate. Awesome and it tasted way more than guilt free.  Yup, I am a fan!!!

I give the new flavor a thumbs up and a new flavor I will be frequently indulging in with the rest of my crew. The white chocolate is 5pp, same as Cookie Dough. I eat these as a meal replacement or a snack, depending on what I have going on that day. I also plan to incorporate these into my training for my half, either as a before meal or a snack after the mileage to build myself up again.

The bars speak for themselves. The reviews are in, they are Hungry Girl approved and I take her advice very highly! Try them for yourself, believe me, once you do, you will be on your own Quest!!


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