Friday, December 16, 2016

McDonald's Newest MacFamily & A Giveaway!!!

Disclaimer: As a member of the Tampa Bay Bloggers, I was given a gift card for my participation with McDonald's but all opinions are my own.

If there is one sandwich that defines McDonald's for most people it is the Big Mac. As to my boyfriend James, it is the best hamburger you can order thru a drive thru. And here is a little secret of my own, I have never had a Big Mac.

Yup! I have never ordered one. Mainly because of oh you know the whole weight loss issue thing I have. Ughhh, why can't good things be less.

Well, my prayers were answered because McDonald's introduced for a limited time, in Florida, the Mac Jr. Yes, a littler version of the Big Mac with all the same taste, minus one burger.

The Mac Jr. has a single layer beef patty with out the middle bun. It gives all the same great taste of the Big Mac, it just a smaller size. I sampled this one and I was loving it!! I 100% get why the Big Mac is such a huge hit and I prefer this smaller size. The pickles and the special sauce, the right amount of lettuce. It was so good. James who prefers something bigger, even enjoyed it. 

Now for James his appetite is a little bit bigger than mine and McDonald's also introduced the Mac Daddy of all Big Mac, we are talking a BIGGER BIG MAC. And they call it the GRAND MAC.. This burger is just that, it is HUGE. 

The Grand Mac is all the same of the Big Mac but with one-third pound of Beef!! It is a monster. It has all the same taste and love of the Big Mac, with just more. The Grand Mac comes in a cardboard container and the weight of it gives you the sense this is going to be huge. James took a look and was stunned, we both were with just how big this sandwich really is.

It is practically bigger than my head. It tasted great. And I can say James ate that whole thing lol. He came hungry for sure. While that Grand Mac is a bit much for me, I will happily stay with the Mac Jr.

Grand Mac!!!

McDonald's has been really listening to their customers lately with changes to their food and introduction of newer products and it is awesome to see and taste. The Mac Family is through early 2017 in Florida. It has not been introduced to the rest of the chain just yet, which will launch next year. McDonald's is really hitting a home run with this one by taking something that is so good already with the Big Mac and getting people to try new and bigger.

When I was sitting at the tasting, the GM mentioned how much he enjoyed this introduction especially for those growing up now. Some kids do not even know the Big Mac and now is a chance to take on a new generation of Mac lovers with new choices. It is a great thing. I am sure I will be eating a Mac Jr. in the future again for sure.

Another fun promotion that McDonald's is doing is a jingle contest around your own personal rendition of their famous Big Mac jingle. Follow here to enter...
  • Upload YOUR rendition of our Big Mac Jingle - - for a chance to WIN $100 & Big Mac sandwiches! #MyMacJingle #Sweeps

BUT that isn't all, I am ALSO giving away a 20.00 Gift Card for McDonald's that way you can try the new Mac Family for yourself!!! To enter is easy, peasy, just head over to my Instagram Account,
@Runchewsparkle and simply like the picture showing the McDonald's gift card !!

Yup it is that easy and I will choose a winner on Sunday!!! Good Luck and if you have the pleasure of trying the Grand Mac, the Mac Jr. or the Big Mac, let me know!!