Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Currently June

Good Tuesday Morning!

It has been awhile since I have posted with a Currently to update some things in my life, so I thought what a perfect time frame to do so, then the start of June!!!

Current Book:

Geez this one is sad because I have not been reading as much as I should be. Life has been super distracting, meaning I am not unwinding and sitting down with a good book, like I should be. I need to take more time to just do that, rather than chores, or looking at my phone or binge watching whatever is on T.V. These are bad habits I have fallen into. BUT I am reading the Nicholas Sparks book, Two By Two and I have to say it is a bit slower than his others, so it is taking me a bit to get into it and I think too thats why I have not been reading. BUT I am not one to stop a book midway so I am in to finish it.

Current Music

Everything Country Music!! Seriously from being back from Nashville, I have a whole new respect for music in general, not just Country Music. I am getting super excited because concert season is upon us right now and we have some really nice line ups coming our way, such as Dierks Bentely on the 16th. Sam Hunt next Month, John Mayer and Jason Aldean the month after, Chris Stapleton in November, FGL in October and I believe Zach Brown Band in September. Between some fun running races, this is how I want to spend my money, watching live music.

Current Drink

Dunkin Donuts S'mores Iced Coffee. Seriously enough said. It is my favorite new flavor. I mean Pistachio from last year is still my MVP choice, but it is really good and I find myself wanting it every day!! Even if I am not really wanting coffee, I want the S'mores iced coffee.

Current Food

Honestly, nothing has been different for me with food. I am still eating my favorites, but dang if you put something limited or seasonal on it, I AM going to buy it no matter what!! It never fails for me haha. Also if you have lime or avocado on your menu, I am going to order it haha.

Current Show

Well now that all my shows I watched religiously are on the summer break I am watching Netflix and Hulu shows and sometimes doing some binge watching, such as just finished Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix. Highly recommend it. I have been watching The Golden Girls on Hulu, because I mean why not and Gosh that show is hysterical, I forgot how funny they were. Seriously I wish I had the humor of Dorothy all the time. But this month brings back Orange Is The New Black on Netflix and The Ranch, both favorites of mine. And then in July Game of Thrones. Can NOT WAIT!!

Current Indulgence

Besides the S'mores Iced Coffee, I guess my indulgence would be, something about this time of year, I always want to order a margarita, with salt on the rim. haha. Weird but it is an indulgence of mine because I hardly drink anyway.

Current Links

It is not much of a link, but an App I am loving right now. I sleep really well at night, I can fall asleep basically anytime but sometimes my mind just won't shut off and I have been using the White Noise app. Basically it is a bunch of sounds that are calming to distract your mind and lull you into a sleep and man is it working!! I put on Beach Waves Crashing and then a Rain Storm and within minutes I am falling right to sleep. I am usually a quite noise person to fall asleep with but this has been really great. I fall asleep quickly and quietly. You can also set an alarm to when it should shut off. I usually do around 2 hours and I am good to go.

Current Mood

Pretty Dang Happy!!! I am off today, it is a rainy kind of day but I plan on heading over to Tampa to go to Sprouts to use a gift card I had won, a while back, so going to do that and just really take the day as it goes, get my work out in later on and relax.

Current Goal

So for the month of June, I have set a goal for myself to consistently commit and work out. I am only going to have 2 rest days a week and getting myself to the gym and working on my mile pace. I really want to bring it back down from 13:00 per mile and I have figured to divide it up each month to do so. So for June I am working on the mile time frame. I am consistently also working out in the gym, working on my arms and legs too. I am really focusing on not making any excuses or reasons to why anymore. So I started the month of June with a 12:20 mile and lets see if I can get that down the end of the month.