Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Why I Took A Week Off of Running

Good Tuesday Morning Everyone!!!

I am sitting here getting down on some coffee and waiting to take a conference call and then heading into work later on, so a nice calm morning is all I am thinking about. But I wanted to pop in quick with a post...

So some confession time a bit. After my half marathon on Saturday the 6th, I have to admit I had a devil and angel complex going on. One part of me was so happy and thrilled I got to finish and run the 13.1 miles and then the devil side was defeated and nasty and mad at myself for not doing better. I ran that one 5 minutes slower than my first ever half marathon. The big problem was I was not running as much as I was my first ever and that just seemed to beat me up and tear me up a bit.

Why was I not running as much?? Why did I make excuses?? Why didn't I push myself farther and longer when I could? Yes, I know I was injured for a good part and I probably even pushed it more than I should have, but I could have done other things to improve that. I didn't utilize being in the gym more, even though it is a smaller gym, I should have been on that bike and weights and really putting in the work.

I did gain some weight last year and I am chipping away at that little by little. I decided to change that around mid year and it was the best decision. Changing over counting calories has really helped. I mean I wore jeans on my day off and that is huge because I am all about leggings and sweats. Counting calories and macros have helped my food intake a lot. I am not hungry anymore and I am eating and making better choices, really looking into protein. I have always been big with veggies, but  now I am craving them even more. Seriously I am thinking now what can I bring to work with me as veggies and making them into a meal.

It has been really hard too and I know that is a change in my running. So after the half marathon, I took a week off of running. My body was really achy and I had some pain in my knee still. I did get my period right after the half so my energy and everything was so bad. I know that getting my period had a lot to do with my pain at the Half. Seriously it takes it all out of me. I decided to just rest and not stress about running. Enjoy my days off and take it kind of easy.

It was hard at times and I wanted to run, I set alarms but when I would get up, the pain was there and I knew I just needed to chill out. I started looking back to my old posts when I was in my prime of runninng, around two years ago. When I was running for races and fun. And that word right there was the main thing, FUN. I was signing up for races because it was fun and exciting. I was running after work because it made me feel good. I was hoping out of bed on days off because I couldn't imagine a day off without a run.

That week off got me thinking, I need to tap back into that. I just need to run for the love of it all. And that's what I planned. I have signed up for virtual races, because I mean who doesn't love to run and earn a medal. I signed up for a local race and then Gasparilla is this Saturday. I have not put any pressure into running and using the training plan I had for BDR for a guideline with IronGirl and running in general. Around 3 runs a week and then really working it at the gym.

I feel really good and excited to have that joy and excitement back with running. I ran on Saturday and did a virtual race with the company Gone For A Run...

2.14 miles for Valentine's Day. It was a great run and then I signed up for the St. Patricks Day one in March. They give you a shirt and medal and bib and a cute treat. The medals are even nicer than those at a race. I can do it at my own time and pace, no finish line, which I love me some finish lines, but they are still so much and it breaks up a regular routine.

Okay so my big point is if you have a bad run or race, take time to think about why it was a bad run, what made it a bad run, what could you have done better. Take the time to rest and regroup. I needed that slap in the face and it worked. I feel so much better and yesterday on my day off, I went out and just ran. I got 3.10 miles and had fun and got me focused for the 15k this week and tomorrow morning before my travel day, I will run more.

Have a great day everyone!!