Friday, February 5, 2016

A Weekend of Running, Babies, Date night and Football

Good Friday Morning Loves!!!

I am extra happy and giddy this morning because I have a lot of awesome things going on this weekend and I have the whole weekend off of work too. Today through Sunday, which is rare and  am loving it.

I slept in this morning. It is super cold in Florida this morning and being wrapped in those blankets with  no alarm, was something of heavenly like. Then I am headed to finally getting a hair cut, gosh this Biotin really works, and my hair is growing like a weed. But it is in an awkward stage and it just needs to be cut some.

Then I am headed to the Best Damn Race Expo to pick up my race gear and well it is an Expo and I love Expo's so I will probably buy a couple of things lol, even though I limited to just one. Then it is a day of relaxing, reading and some shopping. And eating some carbs.

Its funny any other times I would love to just go face down in some carbs, today I am finding it so hard. I of course, will have my favorite of spaghetti because pasta before a long run is life for me. And today I am going to try a new place for lunch for some soup and sandwich, called Newks.

Then trying my hardest to get some rest tonight, but lets be real, I can NEVER sleep before a long run, let alone one that is a race day. But I will try my hardest and thank god for coffee and Spark.

The race is early and after they have some pretty great post race treats, like I am excited about. There is nothing I love than food after a long run. Then I am running to a friends house for a Baby Shower, then James and I planned to have a date night.

Sunday is super bowl and we are having some friends over, so I get to finally use some Pinterest finds and put them to good use!! I will  be relaxing for a huge part of the day on Sunday also.

So you know how busy and awesome my day is...what fun plans do you have planned this weekend??