Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tijuana Flats Will Give You One Delicious Bird

Disclaimer: As part of the Tampa Bay Bloggers, I was given a meal and gift cards in exchange for my complete review. All reviews and opinions are 100% my own.

Okay if you have been following along with me for these past couple of years, you know that James and I love us some Tacos and Mexican we are HUGE fans of Tijuana Flats and there famous Taco Tuesday. In case you are not sure what Taco Tuesday is, well besides it being the best day of the week, it is the best deal out there that they offer in the whole world. You get two tacos, hard or soft with your choice of chicken, beef and now the LIMITED TIME offer Ground Turkey with a side of chips and a drink for 5.49! And these aren't any small time tacos, they are HUGE, stuffed with the works, lettuce, tomatoes, olives, onions, jalapenos, you can opt of course to have what you want, and for those who are healthy lovers like myself, you can enjoy on a wheat tortilla and power lite, which is lower and reduced fat cheese. HOLY YUM!

Okay now that I have you running out the door for Taco Tuesday, hold on just one more second and let me tell you about what ELSE, Tijuana has to offer, you know for those non Tuesday days.

I had the privilege of sitting down with the Tampa Bay Bloggers last night to check out Tijuana Flats in Clearwater to try some of their menu items and especially around the newest, limited menu filling and item, Ground Turkey. Okay, I love Ground Turkey. James and I typically make our tacos at home with Ground Turkey, due to the lower fat and cleaner option. So I was super excited that they were offering it on their menu.

Upon arriving I was greeted by a young lady who kindly opened the door for me, letting me into the bright and fun atmosphere I love with Tijuana, Sarah let me in on the fun!

At the table was waiting for me Chips, with Salsa, Queso and Guca. A tri-greatness of deliciouness. Tijuana Flats chips are to die for, they are thin and salty and everything I love in combination. I was in heaven right away.

Not sure if you can read the cup but it says Crushed Ice makes me you happy. HELLO, any place that serves crushed iced is my favorite place. Tijuana has most coke products, beer, wine and sangria, also. I am a diet coke girl and seriously with the crushed iced they give, and unlimited, well it makes my mouth very happy. I had to keep myself from diving head first into the chip bowl, I didn't want to full up too quickly.

Next up was the Turkey Tostadas. Tostadas are light fried corn tortillas, refried beans, melted cheese and choices of toppings and salsa. Ours came with ground turkey and were a hit right away. James loved these, the ground turkey made it so fresh and light tasting and to be quite honest, I couldn't even taste the difference, they were so yummy.

Then came...

Blackened chicken Flautas. I have never had a Flautas before and man I have been missing out. They are lightly friend flour or wheat tortillas, with cheese, choice of filling served with Guca, Sour Cream and Queso. The Queso is so yummy, also onions and tomatoes are the side. I was in love with these and probably my favorite item. They were warm and doughy and just what I love. They had a great crisp taste to them and man looking at this picture again, I want them again lol. These can also be made with power lite and ground turkey, BONUS.

Here is another great Ground Turkey meal, this is the Norrito Bowl, which is No+Burrito=Norrito. How cleaver are they. It is ground turkey, salsa based rice, black beans, cheese, toppings and of course guca. You can have any filling you like, I loved it with the ground turkey. I didn't even miss the burrito. This is perfect for lunch and leftovers for dinner for sure.

We also tried the Fish Tacos, which are Mahi Mahi, topped with cabbage, pico de gallo, and Southwest Citrus Vinaigrette. I am not a fish taco person, but again I am missing out. These were delicious, the pico de gallo and the vinaigrette gave it a great kick. I will eat these again and they are only around 210 calories for one, meaning I can hit all the chips lol.

Okay for the final tasting we had, I want you to think back to your favorite dessert, what made it your favorite dessert. Was it the taste? The smell? The memories it gave you, or was it because it was so genius of an idea of a dessert, that you can't imagine ordering a dessert anywhere else....Well Tijuana has done that for me with these....


SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, yes I did yell that out when they came to the table. We all could not wait to dive in, James even said, how good could these really be. Then we took a bite and I literally melted from the inside. These are a true heaven and everything I could want in a dessert, complete with powdered sugar and a cup of chocolate dipping sauce. Seriously I might have to run another half marathon, so I can order these all the time. They are pure heavenly.

Tijuana Flats has out done it for me. I was a girl who always went for the Tacos and now I see a whole new menu with so many more ways to enjoy my favorite place. Now you can enjoy your favorite menu items at many Tijuana  locations. Find one by you and make sure you Give Them The Bird until the end of the month and try new Ground Turkey, it is so good.


Make sure you check out their website also for catering options, the community events and outreach they provide, the story behind this great establishment and also for the nutritional information for all your favorites and when in the location hit up the famous Hot Sauce Bar, to add that extra kick and spice to your meal today.

Also if you are single or taken and what a great night on Valentine's day and not break the bank, they are offering 2.00 Tacos and 1.00 Drafts! Enjoy and give yourself the bird this Valentine's Day and one to a loved one!