Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday- Food

Good Tuesday Morning Y'all. I am linking up with my Bestie and awesome Blogger Nanci, over at This Crazy Life of Mine to do a Top Ten Tuesday post. Make sure to check out hers too.

So for my Top Ten Tuesday, I am going to list my Top Ten Favorite "New" Food Items I found right now. I mean Food is life and snacks are life lol.

Those Dilly Bites are heavenly. I found mine at Walmart but I have
heard you can find them at Target too!

This is the best dip! I especially love it with sliced up cucumbers.

I found these at Target. They have 3 other flavors too. They are basically the LaraBars 
rolled into little bite sized  pieces. Quick, convenient and have a good amount of flavor.

Fage has "crossed over" to the Chobani Flip Side. I love everything new when
it comes to yogurt and can not wait to try these. Hmmm maybe this will be breakfast today.

I am a HUGE lover of the Belvita Banana Bread Soft Baked and
I saw PB and well I couldn't grab it off the shelf fast enough. These
go perfect with Coffee and some fruit or yogurt. Or smeared with Extra PB :0)

I mean, HELLO!!!!

I can not wait to see Finding Dory, yes I am a little kid at heart for sure.
I love the 100 calorie Quaker Bars anyway. They are perfect
for a sweet treat in the day and I throw them in my bag all the time.
And Cookies and Cream, duh!

So I have seen this everywhere on Instagram and it was so hard to find. But
where I work there is a Whole Foods and I finally picked it up. I love lemon
flavored items, its refreshing and clean. The lemon is not overpowering at all and 
addicting, but don't feel guilty you could eat the whole pint :0)

It is Mango season at TJ this summer, I swear they are gearing up for Pumpkin Season, which
of course is my favorite season EVER. This mango coconut popcorn is packed with
tons of flavor. Crunchy and sweet, perfect combo.

This was a fun purchase, just had some topping to your coffee, kick back
and relax. I found at TJ Maxx. Not a ton of flavor but the possibilities are endless.

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