Thursday, June 23, 2016

Part One of My Summer Reading

Happy Thursday Morning!

I have been up since probably around 5:00 am. I am officially on vacation from work and my Poppy and family are coming down to Florida today for a whole week. To say I am excited is probably an understatement. I have missed my family so much and I am so glad they decided to come see me this year here in FL.

So since I have moved onto my second cup of coffee so far, I figured I would sit down and update on some books I have read recently. I plan to get some serious reading in this week also. I have tired after work but we started Game of Thrones and Orange Is The New Black is back and I got consumed with those haha.

Okay so recently in the last month and a half I have read 6 books since the last time I have posted about books...

Me Before You

Gahh this book....Let me just say it is a tear jerker for sure. You will laugh, cringe, get mad, be happy and mostly cry with this novel. This was the first book we have read in my online book club and it was a great first choice. Nanci and I also went and saw the movie when it came out opening weekend and to say I bawled my eyes out is an understatement. I cried like a baby, we both did. I highly recommend seeing the movie and reading the book, but read the book first. I have to admit and it is very rare that this happens, but I honestly loved the way the movie turned out and enjoyed it more than the book. But you be the judge and put this on your summer reading list.

Luckiest Girl Alive

I had first heard about this book through Reese Witherspoon's Insta, which she also has a book club #rwbookclub and I found another awesome book through her on that hashtag which will be in this list. This book was great. It was an easy read. It was a bit dark but I really enjoyed it. It has multiple story lines and when you think one is going one way it goes another and then ties around ONE HUGE story line. And I saw this might be made into a movie also. It has been compared to Gone Girl and I loved Gone Girl, but I can not see how it relates, except that the main character is a girl who could be a bit cooko bananas. Gone Girl for me is in a class all its own.

The Happiness Project

Okay so I have mixed reviews about this book. I really, really loved this book. I thought it had a lot of amazing points and ideas to make my own Happiness Project and that is exactly what I got out of the book, was making my own Happiness Project. I took a lot of her ideas from the book. She broke her happiness project into 12 months. She took on a different "happiness" project each month and then broke the month into bullet points kind of, little areas she would work on in the month. While not all months she was doing great, she did bring on some extra joy to her life. The main idea I got from this book was bringing on Happiness to my own self by doing things I truly love. And taking more time out for myself. I have been accomplishing just that too. Such as having mornings out at the beach with coffee in hand, something I rarely do but gives me a huge amount of pleasure. She also has a blog where she can get you started and organized with your own Happiness Project. I admit,  I have not checked it out yet, but plan too this year.

Bare Bones

Probably one, if not my favorite book this summer. Even if you are not a listener of The Bobby Bones Show, this book is still a great read. I had just started listening to the show when I started my commute to work. Everyone on the show is super motivating and impowering and funny. It is a joy to listen to each morning and replay on Iheart too. The book is about Bobby's life and how he literally came from nothing to the biggest radio host in Country Music. He lives by the motto of Fight.Grind.Repeat and from someone who too lives by this way, I could relate. He comes from a broken home and lost his mother to alcoholism. Which again I could relate to also. His book was truly inspiring and I loved every second. He told stories about celebrities and was honest and open with the readers about his story and relationships. It was truly written by him and you could tell 100% it was in his voice. This was a great read and I highly HIGHLY recommend this book.

And lastly....

Big Little Lies

This book was also on #rwbookclub and it was a true winner. I loved My Husbands Secret and this was right up there with goodness. It was quick and easy and fun to read. Lots of characters to follow but you got caught up quickly and it had a great ending. I absolutely LOVED this book and Reese is making into a movie and starring in it also because she enjoyed it so much. Make sure you put this on your list too!!