Sunday, November 15, 2015

Training for my 8th Half Marathon

Good Sunday Evening Everyone!!!

Pretty fun and exciting stuff happening on the run side of my life.

Today, started my week 1 of Half Marathon Training.

So if I ran a marathon and tons of 5k's and halves, why am I training for one?? I know I can run, I know I can run the mileage and get it done. But I need the structure. I love the routine. I need to know everyday what I need to be doing. It holds me accountable and allows me to never give up.

I know if I didn't set out a plan and stay on track with it, I would let the rest of life pass around me and then I wont get it done. I really want to have a great experience with this half. It is my turning point, since coming back from my accident and just making it through life through that.

I went on to Pinterest and found this really great 12 week plan. Which has 3 runs a week, 2 rest days and 2 cross train days. Cross train days will be done in gym, I want to work on strength training on those days and the bike. My longer runs as the time increases will be done on Saturday's because that is when the half marathon will land, trying to set my mind set up with it also.

My rest days are Sunday and Thursday, which is nice because Sundays are usually my day off and I can just truly rest and stretch.

I am excited for this half training. I am going to try to stay as close to the training as I can, but already tomorrow I might have to switch some things as I may have a really long day at work.

But life and running go along perfect with that right, making adjustments and just not giving up.

I will be blogging this weekly so I can see my progress and accountability!!!