Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015: My Growth & Never Giving Up

Alright here we go, my end of the year post. And what a whirlwind of events and emotions was this one for sure. I just read back to what my year in 2014 was until now and the goals I set out are so different than what actually happened in 2015.

So lets recap a bit shall we because the way that 2015 started out and was headed was a great path. I had set up a running plan and even ran a virtual half marathon with Nanci and Corina. Running was definitely going to be one of my biggest focuses this year at the beginning. I wanted to run a 1000 miles and have a sub 30 minute 5k and planned on running the Gasprilla Distance Classic.

OH January held such high hopes and then my world came a bit crashing down in Feb. And it literally did as I had fallen off the ladder at work and sprained, badly my right ankle. I know to some an ankle injury is not a huge deal BUT to me it was everything. It shook me right to my core. The idea of not being able to work out or run was killing me. For days I laid on the couch, just waiting for myself to gain all that weight back I had lost.

Your mind plays some really nasty tricks on you when you are taken out of your routine like that. I was out of running for quite sometime and in March when I went home to New York, I finally started running again. Very Very slowly. But just the idea of putting my running shoes back on made a world of a difference for me. Also at this time, when I was home I had a turn of events happen with my Poppy. He was very, very ill and me being home, being able to care for him and take him places and just be with him, strengthen our relationship even more than before.

It was a true blessing and one of the bet trips I had ever had home. I was exploring more in this month too with clothing and my blog and even set up a Facebook action. Believe me I did not dive into my blog this year as much as I had wanted too and will be a continue work in progress. But through my blog this year I have grown more followers and reached out a bunch of new companies and opportunities, it has been amazing. I even started a monthly post with my dear friend Nanci.

In April, I tested my ankle out a bit more and ran the Iron Girl 5k. That where was when my running finally felt great again. Physical therapy was a life saver for me and got me across that finish line. From there I knew I was going to be okay and running was just going to be bit slower than in the past.

I signed up for some virtual races this year and won a bunch of entries into 5k's. I didn't hit my sub 30 but each one I got better and better at. And right now I am feeling better in my running than ever before to be honest. I feel like I am starting over again, a chance to get it right again and now I have a true and honest love and understanding for running. The accident sucked and it scared me but I am back to a routine and training for a half marathon in Feb. Running is my lifeline and my favorite source of exercise.

This year exercise was a bit tough. I didn't explore or try as hard as I should and I know that.  I didn't stick to a routine or a plan and I lost the muscle and strength I had but I never really gave up because that is the one thing about me, I will not give up!!!

My weight was a roller coaster or everything this year. But even when the scale was up and down and up again, I found a confidence in myself I had never felt before. I truly looked in the mirror and loved how I looked and felt. I even bought myself a bikini and took a picture in it and posted it to Instagram. I fell in love with my body and the journey.

I quit WW just a couple of months ago. The program was amazing but it was not fulfilling me anymore. I was getting too lazy and comfortable on the program, I forgot the points and decided to try counting calories to help with my running and the switch turned out to be perfect. I feel great and 100% less bloated than before. While my middle section is taking its sweet time to go down, I am learning new things about calorie and fat and protein and carb intake. Plus I am never hungry anymore because I feel like I am eating the right amount I am suppose too.

I got a FitBit this year and have become obsessed with it and that too has changed my whole life and brought me closer to my girlfriends back home as we are constantly doing challenges together.

Friends and family wise has been amazing this year too. My BFF got married and I got to see her at least 4 time this year. I love her to death and we are the true testimate that miles or time does not change us. I have grown closer with my friend  Nanci and I am so grateful for our friendship. She is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. James and I also made a new couple friend and our friendship with them is something I can not ever imagine living without.

James and I's relationship truly is better than ever. I feel like we are on a really great path together. We have had our rough patches but there is no doubt in my mind that our love for each other is forever and true. We have many goals TOGETHER for 2016 and 2015 we grew a lot together and made compromises and learned from each other, which has been wonderful. Sure there are times we fight so bad but we never let it get to us, we are in this together.

Work was another big one this year. I have grown a TON in my career. My comfort zone in my job has taken a toll these last couple of months but I am finally feeling at home in my new store and we are crushing numbers from the years path. Plus I am making a name for myself in the company, which will help me in the future. This year I put myself out there and got a promotion and will continue to earn that right every day.

So 2015 had its ups and downs, I turned 30 mid year and I have found a positive outlook on life. I have watched a bunch of shows, found some amazing series and I have read more this year than any other year. I have found a positive outlook on myself and it has changed my every day life. Turning 30 was not bad at all and it was an amazing birthday and has been a great year so far.

Biggest outlook on my year was I embrace changed and despite anything and everything, I never give up!!!

Thanks for being apart of my journey in 2015, for reading along with me and following me through sadness,  happiness and fun.

2016 will be even better for my blog and life and I cant wait to fill you in tomorrow in the start of the new year.

I hope you all had a fantastic 2015 and look forward to brighter 2016. Love you all.