Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Week 3 of Half Marathon Training

It's funny, usually when I am writing my post for how my week went in Half Marathon training, I am usually half way done with the current week. I seriously can not wait for my life to just get back to some sort of normalcy, even though it has not been that way for months now.

But with the extra long shifts and then life in general on top of it, it is just exhausting but I have to admit that my runs have not been affected much, usually when I am getting my runs in, my body is feeling extra great.

I ordered from a friend of mine, some Advocare Spark to help with a little bit of energy. And I have been trying it before my runs and it defntley does work. It really brings a little pep in my step. I have also brought it to work to help with being sluggish or just keep me focused a bit more.

Week 3 brought 1 cross train day and 3 rest days and 3 run days. I do like the 3 rest days because walking on the floor at work all day is concetrate and it really is doing a number on my legs and foot. So that extra rest day even if it is a work day makes on the difference.

I did my runs on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. Tuesday was 3 miles and it was a night run on my day off. It felt good but man I was dragging my feet because I wanted to just stay and snuggle with James all night. But I got it done. Friday was a strange one. I had closed at work on Thursday and didn't get home until almost 11:30, I was tired and passed right out. Well I woke up at 5:00 am and just could not fall back to sleep, so I tossed and turned and said the heck with it and went for my run, early.

I seriously could have been sleeping for at least 3 more hours. The run started off amazing. I was having a true runners high for the first 1.60 miles. No walking just gliding along and then stomach pains happened and it was a pardon the french, an oh shit moment. I had to find somewhere and I had to find somewhere fast. Believe me bushes were looking really good, then in sight a gas station.

After thanking the attendant for allowing my to use the restroom, I set out to finish my 4 miles. My stomach and mojo were a bit off still, but i got it done. And then spent the few hours drinking coffee in my bathrobe before work. It felt great to have it done and over worth.

Saturday I of course planned on running before work, but of course I slept in because of the day before. All good though, I got home later, chugged some spark and ran in the dark. I am not a huge fan of it but these 11-7 shifts kill me. Two more and then I am done. I will run in the morning this week though.

It was a good week despite one day off. The KT tape works wonder and my vitamins help a bunch too. I have been chugging water like crazy and I feel a difference. Plus I seriously think this is what is keeping my semi sane this time of year.

If I can marathon train in the summer then I know I can do this.

Hope everyone is having a great week!!!