Sunday, December 27, 2015

Survived Holiday 2015

Hello world!!!!

I am back and I survived the holiday 2015 season! Holy hell was this one a tough one. I was at work every single day 10 plus hours. 14 hours one day and the so on and so forth. The mornings were early and the nights long. I lived literally on coffee and tuna packets. I threw in some grilled chicken sandwiches, which I have ate one from practically every fast food.

And I am not kidding on that one. It was my go to protein and not so bad for you choice of meal this week. I had one at Sonic, Wendy's, McDonalds and Chick Fil A. I am not proud of the choice but it was the only thing I could to survive lol. And hell I could have ate worse, but I didn't. I did bring some pretzels, cheese sticks and yogurt for snacks too. I was prepared. Breakfast was a bit tough because I was constantly running out the door, so thank god for Starbucks and Dunkin for having great breakfast sandwiches.

I also drank a whole lot of coffee and Spark. Work was truly nuts at times, but my staff was wonderful. They really, really pulled through for me. It was great. It was tough because we were all learning through it together. Everyone had new roles and responsibilities but we came out on top.

The one thing that took a bit of a back seat was my running. I mean working 14 hour days, literally in the store from morning to night made it pretty hard to get runs in and still have time to sleep. So I took the 10 days off of running. I know today when I go back out there to run, it will be hard but oh so worth it. I can not wait to get back to sweating and getting ready for this half marathon.

But all the hard work and hours paid off and I am so glad it is behind me finally.

Christmas was wonderful. I slept in a bit with no alarm. James woke me up to a cup of coffee ready to go, Christmas music playing and a yule log on the tv and presents. He got me a new FitBit which I LOVE and new headphones for running and lots of little things for my stocking.  I was spoiled for sure. We spent the morning going out to breakfast and then took Christmas pictures on the beach, then I took a nice long nap.

Later we met up with our friends and went and saw the new Star Wars movie, which by the way I thought was great. And I am not a fan of Star Wars. It was a perfect Christmas.

Now life can finally get back to normal. I have set up some goals and things I want to get done with this new year, which I will post on Thursday. Now I am spending today just being lazy, relaxing and unwinding. Cleaning up our place and not thinking about work.

Hope everyone had a great Holiday season!!!