Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Good, The Bad & Crazy of My Past Week

Hey Everyone!!!

I am over here trying to just get by and all. Honestly it has not been too bad at all. I am holding it together quite nicely but the hours man are they creeping up. I don't even remember what a slow day or 8 hour day looks like anymore and well that is okay. It is only really super intense these next 9 days and then it is semi back to normal.

Half marathon training was a bit tough last week. My hours were much longer than scheduled and with having to commute and by the time I have to be to work and leave work, it made it extra tough. I did not get any cross training in at all. And I only got 2 runs in. One was 5 miles and one was 3.5 miles. I am trying to listen to my body and when it wants rest, I am giving it rest and when it wants to go I am letting it go.  I really did not want to miss a run last week but life got in the way.

On Saturday I just had to go into work earlier because we had some issues and by the time I got to my car and home, I was like the hell with it. I was DONE. My brain and body and heart were not matching. Seriously I just wanted a Subway turkey sub, friends, a bonfire and some wine.

And that is exactly what I did!!! I went over to our friends house, we sat around an awesome fire and listed to music until 2:30 in the morning!!! Way way later than I normally am up, oh and I killed a whole bottle of wine. But I had fun, LOTS of fun. The kind of fun that just awakens the soul. I needed that night.

What I did not need was the hangover I ended up having the next day. Wow, I am seriously 30 years old. But I took a shower, put on my big girl panties and went to town on some water and got a hashbrown from McDonalds.

Yup I have not had one in like 5 years!!!! But it was the best 150 calories I have had in a really long time. It tasted amazing. The grease and everything  haha. I mean sometimes to just need the really crappy food. And that settled my craving for the next 5 years.

And I also managed to work a 10 hour day that day.  So go me haha.

Sunday night I came home, made soup and went right to bed. I was beyond beat. Last night our good friends wanted a chill night, so we went to dinner and had steak and laughs. At work it is so hard for me to eat, seriously I am eating cheese sticks and yogurt most of the time. So when I got home I was tired but the food tasted so damn good. Steak and veggies and two helpings of salad from Cody's Roadhouse. I was finally feeling good again.

It is funny and true to what they say that food really is fuel. Because I felt amazing after!!! I ended up having all this energy and I finished up some shopping and got a mani and pedi. Then I came home got my presents ready to send home and finally fell asleep. Whew.

Next week I am literlly working every single day at least 10 hours. Insane. But I have decided to not put to much presssure on the half marathon training. If I have the energy I will do the runs but if not well I will survive. I still have 2 months to go and I know I an do it.

Today I am off and plan on running a longer run. I seriously just want to run it out. Put some miles under my feet and just go. To make up for the future week ahead.

Also some good from the week is the support from my friends and family, wishing me happiness and well wishes for making it through and to my staff!!

The bad is the hours and the crazy is not being able to hardly see James at all. This year for both of us is insane and he is feeling it too. I cant wait to have Christmas off together just to have a day off.

Alright my loves, here is too another week ahead!!!