Thursday, March 24, 2016

Catching Up

Good Thursday Morning Everyone!!

Man it has been one heck of  whirlwind of a week for me already.

Last week I was on vacation and oh my gosh, I had the best time. The weather back home was good,  not great, I mean for my Florida blood, it had its chilly times but most of it was just plain wonderful. I did a lot when I was home, but also did a lot of nothing too. If that makes any sense whats so ever.

On Sunday, I flew in and had lunch with Poppy. Which I have to tell you, this trip alone was a blessing with him. Last year, he was not doing so well, his health was very scary and I saw my Poppy in such a down and out state, he was weak and tired and just not himself at all. It made me appreciate him so much and it was a great trip, but I could tell he just was not happy with how he was feeling and acting.

BUT this trip was a complete 360 from last year. He was up and moving and seriously, it was the Poppy I knew my whole life. It made this trip extra, extra special, because it proves love can conquer all.

After our lunch, where we spent tons of time catching up and talking. I went to my mom's real quick and then went for a 4 mile run, in honor of my dad. It was 4 years since he left my world. The run felt amazing, the weather was nice and despite all the hills, my body was enjoying it. We had dinner that night all together as a family and then I am sure I passed the heck out, it was a long day.

Monday was Poppy's birthday, so I made no plans but to just stay with him all day. I got up early for a run, I can never sleep in on my vacation. Another great run, this one was so special because it was quite and early and my little sleepy hometown looked so different than I had ever seen it before. Then we spent the day shopping at the Christmas Tree Shop and we celebrated Poppy's Birthday.

I made this for him for his birthday. I took all my cousins, his Grand kids names and put it into Scrabble letters, like it was a Scrabble game, which was something special to us. HE LOVED IT!!!! He thought it was the coolest thing ever. I was so thrilled he enjoyed it and how it came out and it was a lot easier to make too. Now I want to create everything with Scrabble letters.

Probably one of my favorite pictures with me. Just because of the smile and how great he looks. I want to frame this picture, it just warms my heart.

Then for his birthday we went to the movies and saw Zooptopia, which yes it was a Disney movie, but so stinking cute. I loved it!!!

Tuesday- I slept in a little bit and then Poppy and I had some errands to do, take him to the eye doctors and we spent the afternoon together. We went to our favorite little place for lunch and then later that day I went out for drinks with a friend. Which was one of the highlights of my trip...

We hadn't seen each other in forever and spent two hours catching up and it literally was like  no time had passed at all. Jenna and I have been friends since we were like 5, it is always great to see those true lifelong friends after all these years.

I spent the night curled up on the couch reading a book. Seriously it was just how I wanted my night to be. I just wanted to relax and unwind and not worry about tv or responsibility.  It was great, actually any free time I had I spent it with a book, and did not worry once about TV.

Wednesday was a gorgeous day and I had the best fun I have had in a really long time...

I got 3 miles done in my fastest time and it felt amazing. I had lunch with a friend Sam...

And then spent the afternoon in Woodstock, walking around and enjoying being outside. I went to little shops and bought some things, had a hot latte, I really felt like I was on a vacation lol. Then I went to Bingo that night with Poppy, which was a great time, despite the fact neither of us won.

Thursday, I did my virtual run with Gone For A Run...

The weather was damp and really cold that morning and my body was  not enjoying being up so early. I could feel like a difference in my legs and everything. But I got it done. I spent the rest of the day with my amazing Aunt...

And her dog Max. I mean how cute is he!!! We went and got Pedicures and did some stuff with the boys, who god they are getting way to big now. We went out to dinner at this really nice restaurant and I was in bed super early. It felt great to go to bed with a full heart.

Friday the boys had me up super early and I was just feeling so tired. I did not sleep great the night before and when I got back to Poppy's I fell asleep on the couch for two hours and decided that day was going to be a lazy day. I had no energy and just wanted to lay around all day. I played Scrabble with Poppy...

He of course beat me, I mean I could not get rid of that Q and then I spent the night at my Mom's, where I literally just laid around all night...

Saturday mom and I were up super early and we went shopping, I found a ton of stuff I cant get here in Florida and then we went to Olana...


It was so cold. But we walked around the grounds and had a great morning. My mother and I have one of those relationships, very nontraditional, we get under each other nerves super quick and fast but love each dearly and sometimes we just have to yell and scream with each other and then we are good again. It was nice to have a day with her. After we said our goodbyes,  I got my last run in.

I have to say I was pretty damn proud of myself this trip. I ran 6 days that week. I ran 3 miles for 5 of those days and then 4 miles on Sunday, only day I didn't run was Friday. I felt great the whole time, the running every day helped so much.

I definitely ate different than I typically do when I am here in Florida. I ate foods, I do not typically eat, which I found out is a lot of carbs haha. I had a bagel sandwich, lasagna, baked macaroni and cheese, a slice of ice cream cake, I ate a bunch of freaking jelly beans (my poppys favorite) and I enjoyed every moment. But I also made great choices and drank a lot of water. I think I only gained a pound.

Which Hell Yeah that is amazing!!!

And Sunday I got back home and went right back to work that night, which sucked because I feel like I had tons to do. Sunday and Monday were long days with work and just getting back to it. I missed James so much and Monday night we had some fun with friends and went out for Happy Hour. It was just the night I needed after those two days. Tuesday I was my day off and I got 4 miles in and spent the whole day with James. We hit up Trader Joe's and spent the rest of the day fixing his phone, that he dropped on the ground and broke. Not the best part of the day, but we had fun together.

Yesterday was my travel day and I had tons of plans of getting stuff done after work but work took a turn and I had to go in and close, which meant me getting caught up and feeling good about things did not happen. It set me into a nasty mood and I was not one bit thrilled about it.

But this morning I shook it off, got up early and I am using the morning to get things accomplished, such as this blog post, ordering some stuff online, cleaning and doing some major laundry. I only have to go into work for a few hours, I am using some PTO time because I need some time to myself after this week and not closing tonight. That way I can come home, do some work in the gym and have great sit down dinner with Bubba.

Sometimes you have to step away from the whirlwind and just breath.

So that is where I am currently at. I have a long run prepared tomorrow because Iron Girl is in a little over two weeks and I signed up for the half :0)

Hope all is well with everyone else!!