Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Hello From The Sick Side

Hi everyone!! I have been absent this week because once again I have fallen down the sick well again. I have to honestly say I am getting sick and tired of this path.

I have been so well this month after the half marathon. My running has been back and I have been feeling back to normal and then Sunday happened.

Actually back to how awesome my running has been, I realized every Saturday this month I ran a different race and a different mileage each one. Saturday the 6th was 13.1, the 13th was a Valentine's virtual of 2.14, the 20th was Gasparilla 15k of 9.33 and last Saturday was a beach 5k for race for the cupcake. Which by the way was so much fun!!!

This race was probably my favorite of all the weekends because it happened so close to home and on the beach in the morning. It was a lot of fun and inspired me to get out to the beach much more.

On these Saturday's except the half I worked on those days, I made no excuses and got the race done and happily, well not all happily headed to work lol.

I have felt so good and really proud of myself. Then Sunday came and around 9 at night it started to hit me with a weird sore throat. Then full on full force shivers, even though my body was literally on fire. I mean to touch and I felt like I was burning and felt so wrong. I felt like I was panicking and dying. I always feel like that when I'm sick.

Then Monday morning came. I was burning up, throwing up and crying uncontrollably. My ears and throat hurt and my whole body ached I felt like I couldn't move. We went to urgent care and they took 3 hours, which left me throwing up more and then telling me I didn't have the flu, but like the flu, wtf!!

I also had a sinus infection and rapid flu, I was a hot mess. Tuesday morning I woke twice, dripping and drenched in sweat. It was bad but finally my fever broke and in a big way. Tuesday I tried to do some work from home with conference calls and such. I washed all of our bedding and was starting to feel okay.

This morning I woke up with the worse ear pain and used it as another day of rest. It has helped but I just hating being weak and it back tracks everything I have been doing. It just sucks. And yes I give myself a pitty party when sick. 

Anyway im hoping to move past this week and be much better and back to normal and live in a bubble. Haha.

The one thing with being sick that has been nice, is I have read and finished two books and my naps have been nice. Lol.

Hope everyone is feeling better also!