Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Best Thing I Have Done For Myself So Far This Year

Good Evening Everyone!!!

It is happy evening over here in the RunChewSparkle household because James and I are finally on the mend from our sinus infections and flu and stomach issues. It has been horrible over here. We are piggy backing off each other with medicine and its just plain sad to see. We are not exciting at all, but we are making the most of it. James ended up having a sinus infection also, pretty bad and he is left ear is blocked with all the fun of it, while mine is my right ear, see us combined, is just a damn hot mess.

But with all that put aside I wanted to talk about the one SPARKLE part of my life. Going into 2016 I set up some goals I wanted to accomplish, little things to improve my overall health, like taking vitamins everyday, drinking more water, sleeping more and better, losing some weight. But aside from that I have set up goals personal to grow myself as a person stronger, such as writing 1-5 positive thoughts from the day at night and my big one, reading more.

Each year I always say I am going to read more. And I do read a lot, I have always loved reading, but then I get in a rut and make excuses, and only read on vacation or certain times and don't read the books I want and have a hard time getting involved in my Nook. Well from last year, you know my very good friend Nanci and I started a post of what were were currently reading. I was reading at least one book a month and I did hit a goal of 35 books last year.

This year I wanted to hit 50 Books. And this was the game changer for me so far....

This my friends is a Library card. Yes at 30 I finally went and got one. Now growing up I loved the library. I had one all my life, then in college the library became more of a research area and not warmth and comfort I got from it as a kid. I missed that connection of taking out books and really reading more.

So on one of my days off, I went and got my card and it has been a God send for me ever since. I am obsessed with the library. I got multiple times a week, picking up books, dropping finished ones off.

I am on the library website requesting books all the time. I mean this is a pile I have so far....

I cant stop. I want to read everything and anything at this point. Most of these books by the way are coming home with me on my vacation. I will spend tons of time reading, its all I want to do. At night before bed, I have been squeezing time in to read and it has been so nice.

Getting the library card has changed my life because I get any book I want and not have to spend money and if I end up loving the book, I can buy it then from the store. 

I am 30 years old and I have found the love of my childhood again.

When I was a kid you could always find me with a  book, it was a way for me to escape and dive in. A way to feel connected and get lost from what was going on. I found books I connected with and books that still continue to change my life.

My SPARKLE part of my life is reading and using the pure benefits of something as simple as a library. And I am sure when I go home, I will pop into my hometown one, just to feel like home again.

And if you want to see what I am reading, check out my Good Reads account and follow me!