Sunday, February 26, 2017

February Progress

Good Sunday Morning!!

I have my big cup of coffee in hand, I got back into bed and now I am here. Seriously probably one of my favorite things to do in the morning is to take the coffee back to bed and savior in the quite under the covers. Man all mornings should start off like that...

Okay lets talk about how February went....

It was a nice stepping stone for me first off in my running. I was looking at my FitBit results and I set a goal to be active each week, at least 4 times. Now this includes my XT train days. And active for me is if I am moving continuously for 15 minutes or more on my FitBit. I know that seems light but it works for me. This month I was active so far, I mean I know we have 3 more days left 12 of the days. So each week I was active 4 out of the 7 days, I hit my goal each week.

I am pretty dang proud of that. I might not have always hit my step goal, but I was active, which honestly is the first beginning.

This month I started to ramp up my running too. Getting at least 2-3 runs a week. Now I am officially running 3 days a week and my smaller run is around 3-4 miles, no more 2 miles. I have to build up my endurance. The longest I have ran this month was actually on Friday. I went out and did 6 miles. Dang I forgot how much I LOVE long distance running. Seriously I do not mind those miles at all.

My music, the environment. Everything pushes me through those miles. I did stop at 4.5 miles to stretch out my calf because I was having some serious pain in my left side. Which in turn has been bothering me ever since then. I need to do a much MUCH at foam rolling, like seriously. I have the tools, I know semi what to do, I just need to do it because it hurts like hell. I am going to Yoga this morning in hopes that too will also help my leg.

It was pretty painful. It hurt while running, but after on man, I could barely move my knee. I know it is just my body moving back through the motions and not having proper shoes at work and I need new running shoes. but sometimes that is such a set back and makes you feel soooo defeated. But I won't let it get me down, I will find a way to do it better.

My running also increased this week too a bit. I ran 3 times this week, 5 on Sunday, 4 on Wednesday night and 6 on Friday. That was a BIG increase for me too, to do 3 longish runs in the week. I plan on keeping that this week too, just different days. Since Nashville is 2 months away, I want to build my endurance and runs up slowly to help with injury but also to keep me strong. I went back to the Galloway method also because honestly I have said this before, it just works for me. I am doing 3:1's and I am liking it of course.

I only lost 2 pounds this month, but I am seeing some progress in my legs and mid section. I don't feel as bloated, actually not at all and my legs are thining out some. My eating habits are getting better and better. I haven't been hungry all the time and eating a lot of protein. Seriously I don't know how people say they can't get protein in, sometimes I can't get enough in, its all I eat lol.

I have been cooking more at home, I think last week, we only ate out once. And I had soup and salad, win!! And I plan on doing a light meal prep this week. I am not a big meal prep person because I can grab something all the time to put in my bag for work. I have no problem finding that to eat, but I want to make more meals rather than a grab and go. So that is on my agenda today is to do more of the meal prep for at least lunch. Dinner I can usually put something together pretty quickly.

Work was pretty crazy this month. We had Valentine's Day, a HUGE floor set, and then inventory. It took it all out of me and also put me in a funk too, especially lately and it came to my knowledge that running seriously gets me out of those weird funks quite nicely.

I haven't been obsessing over weighing myself every day either. I got into that rut and man does that suck. I didn't like the feeling it gave me, so I stopped that and seriously I don't even weigh myself every week. Just once a month, which I just want to see what I see in the mirror more anyway.

February was a good month, I didn't give into temptation. I felt great this month, no sickness, some pain with running but overall quite successful and I earned two medals. Running Best Damn Race in the beginning of the month and doing my Valentine's Day virtual 5k.

How was your February??