Friday, February 3, 2017

Friday Feels

Happy First Friday of February!

Whew that is a lot of "F's" lets add in some Friday Feels today!!

I have a pretty Fun weekend planned this time around too. Tomorrow I am running my first race of the year with the Best Damn Race in Safety Harbor. I am doing the 5k and running with Nanci! I did the Half Marathon last year. I thought I was ready for it. I felt like I was prepared, but deep down inside I knew I really wasn't.

Training was really hard for that half marathon for me. I had a rough Christmas and then got hit with sickness and sinus issues right after and it just tore my body up. So the morning of the race I did feel off. Then I got to the race and my nerves was all over the place and then I saw that the race had a bunch of rolling hills. I was not expecting that nor was I ready for that.

Then it was cold. Like Florida cold and it was damp and rainy. It was horrible. My body did not react well to the cold. I couldn't get my legs to move properly and I couldn't get in the zone. Plus Aunt Flo decided, Hey I am coming for a visit NOW! Which always sends my body into an overdrive.

I have never had a bad race, until that race. I was crying on the last 3 miles. I called James to tell him how freaking hard this really was. Which he said of course it is And, your running 13.1 miles, that is a shit load!!! LOL, he has a way with words as you can tell! I could not wait to be finished with that run.

So I knew this year I would want to redeem myself from that run, well then I have had some serious hip pain this year and I knew I wasn't ready and did not want to have history repeat itself. BUT I still wanted to sign up for the race, so I signed up for the 5k and I am so excited to run it. I get to run with my bestie and I have the weekend off.

And I can really, REALLY train for the Nashville Half Marathon in April.

Another Friday feel. Super Bowl is Sunday, which yay it is fun, but I get to cook a lot of fun foods for a party we are going to. Which I love cooking SB foods, they are quick and easy. So far I am making crockpot meatballs, Buffalo Chicken Dip, Crack Crackers and Fireball Jell-O shots!

Stay tuned because I will post those!

Other fun Friday feels. I am planning on dog sitting my little buddy Sherman tomorrow after the race, I plan on reading a lot on Sunday. I have not been great with my reading and need to dive right back in, I have a ton of books ready to go too!

So while it seems like a pretty simple weekend, I am pretty dang excited about it!!

What are some plans you have for the weekend??