Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday: Why I Love To Blog

Hi Everyone!!!!

So this Top Ten Tuesday, I thought I would tap into the life of my blog with the Top Ten reasons really why I blog. I have started this little blog going on almost 3 years now and I have to say it has been one of the best things I could have ever started.

Here are some of the reasons why....

10. It is fun. Seriously I know that seems so simple but really it is a lot of fun. I have fun coming up with posts, adding stuff, researching etc. It brings an aspect of "fun" to my life that I had not had before.

9. Allows me to branch out. Blogging has gotten me out of comfort zones, I didn't know I didn't have before. Blogging has allowed me get out and be social with new people, who instantly became friends. It is hard to find friends at my job, mainly because all our stores are all over and I am the boss, so Blogging gives me that social network, easily.

8. I can 100% be me with my blog. I don't hide much back blogging, I am the same person in my blog as I am in real life and I can express that always.

7. It taps into my love of writing. I went to college for writing and well that didn't pain out 100, blogging gives me that love of writing I had in college and growing up and adds more flair to it.

6. I get to try new products or different products. Blogging gives me access to try new things I normally wouldn't or really given the chance to do so without blogging. I have tried new foods, new places, etc, just with the sense I will post and blog about it and that is really awesome.

5. I met one of my best friends through blogging. Nanci and I met on Instagram and she commented on my picture I posted years ago when I first started blogging. I had posted a picture about what I should name my blog and she commented she went a little more generic with hers to express everything about her life. That comment made me instantly adore her and because of that, I had fun searching my blog title and we instantly became BFF.

4. More friends. Blogging actually has allowed me to meet so many different people in person and through the Internet. My blog has allowed me to talk to people from all over, reach out, motivate and inspire. It truly is amazing.

3. I love my blog because I can ramble on and on like this one and it is 100 okay to do so.

2. I love blogging because of the potential it can give me to go places. Seriously I can interact with so many different companies and people through blogging, it opens a lot of doors. And maybe I am not there just yet, but I know the potential to grow is there.

1. And the Number 1 reason, is because it is mine. It is my me time to sit down and blog. To call myself a blogger, is really cool. I am feel like I am in elite company,  it is a neat title to add to your life. It brings me happiness, joy and it fills my love cup up!!!