Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Week 5: Amping up my Running!!!

I really need to get typing away the beginning of the week, rather than later on. So last week, was week 5 of my fitness year! Week 5 brought a lot of fun and some more running, which lets be honest has been a little bit of lack luster lately.

So week 5 started off pretty strong, as I got a 3 mile run in at night on that Sunday. I went and saw A Dog's Purpose with Nanci, Jesus was that a tear jerker, holy heck. We literally cried from start to finish. I am not even kidding on that one!!!

After I went and picked up my favorite pooch to watch him for the afternoon. He was a complete snuggle monster, I think he knew how much the movie did me in. We relaxed for a bit and him and I were both ready to get running. Running with Sherman is a bit tough, he likes to go fast and chase a million squirrels so getting into a rhythm is tough, but for smaller runs and walking we are getting through it.

We managed to get through 3 miles.

Tuesday I had gotten home from work way earlier than I anticipated which is always a great thing. The weather was perfect and my Spark was tasting fantastic and kicked in at the right time. I planned to just run for a little bit, mostly 2 miles. Well I ran until 2 miles and turned around and ran back again for a nice total of 4 miles. And let me tell you, it was amazing!!!! I have not ran that long in quite some time, but it wasn't just the miles, it was the whole thing that I had the time and just went out for the run. Nothing holding me back, just me and the road.

I had that runner's high back again and it was glorious.

The rest of the week was not great. I felt a bit off, not sure what was going on. So I took some rest days and then on Saturday was the first race of 2017 for me. I did Best Damn Race 5k in Safety Harbor, you know I was feeling all kinds of great feels with that one from my Friday Post! The race was a great success. I ran it with my favorite ladies

We had a great run. No competition or trying to break any PR's or anything like that. It was just us 3 going out and running for the love of the race and earning some really cute bling. It felt great to cross a finish line again too, it I has been since Thanksgiving that I have done a race and there is seriously nothing greater than crossing that line.

And I love this picture of us. While I hate my arm, seriously it looks like a big old turkey leg. I am feeling more confident again with my stomach. I know it is leaning out and getting smaller and I am thrilled to see that happening. I really have to get into toning again. Why do I have such a hard time working that into my work outs???

So week 5 was all about the race and getting my love of running back. Half Marathon training is beginning and this was the week, I needed to kick start it off. And I can not wait to get more races going under my belt!!