Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Cookout Items

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

It is my favorite time of the week because it is Top Ten Tuesday. This week we are talking about items you can bring to a cook out. Next Monday is Labor Day, this weekend is officially the last weekend of summer and here are some of my favorite side dishes and items to bring.

1. BYOB hehe. Bringing beer is always welcome. I love to bring my own, that way I don't drink my hosts favorite but I can bring my own favorite, like Bud Lite Lime.

2. Potato Salad

3. Macaroni Salad

4. I love bring a fruit salad. Fresh fruit always tastes so much better at a cook out. The sweet fruit is that balance with all the hamburgers and hot dogs.

5. Tri-Colored Pasta salad with Italian Dressing

6. Corn on the Cob, a cook out would not be complete with grilled or regular corn on the cob

7. My mom used to always make these 3 ingredient apps or little finger foods to munch on and they are my favorite; a cut piece of sharp cheddar cheese, then a little cube of pineapple and top off with a cherry and put all together on a toothpick. Eat all at once, the cheese and sweetness of the pineapple and cherry are just the best.

8. Buffalo Chicken Dip- Just cream cheese, with some shredded chicken and buffalo sauce, all mixed together and then topped with cheese and baked.

9. Ice, I know it sounds crazy but bring ICE with the best because it always the first thing to always go first, so being prepared.

10. Bringing or setting up a game is always key. It gets everyone interactive and fun.

Have a safe and Happy Last weekend and holiday of the Summer.

Now bring on the fall!!