Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Slow Cooker Meal

Well Hello Again :0)

This Tuesday's Top Ten is all about my favorite appliance in my kitchen, my Slow Cooker or Crock Pot however you may call it. I absolutely LOVE my crock pot. I use it at least once a week. James and I both work nights some time, so to come home and have food waiting, hot and ready to go makes our lives so much easier. It also keeps us from eating crap or spending money on food when we have plenty right here.

A lot of my favorites are ones done with little ingredients. The easier the better in my life!

10. Buffalo Chicken
In your crock pot add some chicken breast, either thawed or frozen, add a bottle of Buffalo Wing Sauce or a Bottle of Hot Sauce and one packet of Ranch Dressing, the one made famous by Hidden Valley. Cook on low for 7-8 hours, then shred the chicken while in the crock pot. It is juicy and spicy and so delicious. We eat it on sandwiches or just as a meal.

9. Hawaiian BBQ Chicken
Same as above but with a can of crushed pineapples and a bottle of honey or Hawaiian BBQ sauce, shred it and serve over rice.

8. BBQ Drumsticks
Crockpot Root Beer BBQ Drumsticks Recipe! ~ from TheFrugalGirls.com ~ go grab your Slow Cooker and give your classic chicken drumsticks a delicious twist! #slowcooker #recipes #thefrugalgirls:

I have made these twice and used Diet Soda instead of regular. The soda gives the chicken a nice crunchy thick coating on the outside and the meat practically falls right off of the bone. Drizzle some BBQ sauce on top when serving.

7. Cranberry Chicken
Use one can of whole cranberry sauce with Catalina Dressing, fat free or regular. You can either shred or keep the chicken breast whole. I served this with rice and some vegetables. This chicken had really great flavor.

6. Beef Stew
This is one of my favorite crock pot recipes ever. My Poppy makes one that he uses in the winter and when I come home it is a must. It is pretty simple with meat and potatoes and veggies. I use the beef stew packet from the store and simmer and cook all day long. Of course you have to pair it with some bread and butter, crispy bread is always the best.

5. Taco Chicken
Guess what this one is simple too. Chicken breast with a can of sweet corn or frozen package, a jar of salsa and a packet of taco seasoning. Shred the chicken and is perfect for taco night. Or made into a salad, or just as a main course.

4. Thanksgiving Turkey
Hear me out on this one. It is beyond easy and the left overs last forever. James and I make this every Thanksgiving because our lives are crazy. We get a turkey breast, the one without all the gizzards and and all that nasty stuff. You put the turkey breast in your crock pot with seasonings and chicken broth, the broth makes it soooo tender and juicy. It is amazing! Believe me. Let it cook all day long. It makes the house smell so yummy and we have turkey for the whole weekend practically.

3. Chili 
We have chili probably at least 3 times a month, despite how hot it may be right now. I make chili using either Lean Ground Beef or Extra Lean Ground Beef or using Ground Turkey. I just add the meat, chili seasoning, a can of chili beans, can of reduced sodium black beans and another form of bean, and one can of diced tomatoes sometimes. Simmer all day and top with your favorite chili toppings.

2. Soups
I have only made some soups in my crock pot. Soups make for a great meal. I love soup anytime of the year, even when it is hot.

1. Breakfast
Okay with this one, I am still new to the process but I have pinned a lot of breakfast items. Oatmeal and french toast are high on my list. I will be making them soon because of the quantity that they provide would make life so much easier.

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I love my crock pot so much I have a whole pin board to it. Check it out here... Crock Pot Love

What is your favorite meal in your slow cooker??