Sunday, August 21, 2016

Virtual Running

If you a runner I want you to think back to the first race you ever completed....

Where you anxious? Nervous? Were you worried what others would think about you as you ran on by? Were you nervous about crossing the finish line? Worried about tripping over that line rather than running over it? Were you nervous about even completing it in a timely fashion?

Did you feel any of these like I did???

I, of course, eventually got over it and moved on and I have completed tons of runs. I love the race, in general and the atmosphere it brings. I love the finish lines and the crowds and the people running beside me.

But sometimes I cant make it to certain races or like here in Florida the weather is so crazy, so during June-September there are not a lot of races going on because it is so hot. And I love to earn Bling. I love the medals.

Here is where my new love comes in....

Virtual Races/Runs!!!

Virtual Races/Runs are done on your own time at your own pace, with your own finish line in sight. They send you a bib, or sometimes you have to download it, they will send you a medal and sometimes even something a little extra. The cost can be almost half the cost of a regular race. There is a time frame to complete the race in BUT you don't always have to complete it in that time. The medals are awesome and then when the time is right you do your own course and complete the mileage you signed up for.

There are ones for 1 mile, 5k's, 10k's, Half marathons, and even a full marathon.

I have only signed up for 5k's and 10k's, which are 3.1 miles and 6.2 miles.

I seriously started doing virtual races because I mean I am already going out for a run anyway, why not earn some bling and swag along with it. The company you get your virtual race from might even ask you to load a picture or use a hashtag along with it, but honestly it is all done on an honor system.

You either actually do the run or you don't.

I signed up for this race because of the name of course. That is my motto in life and as you may know everything I said during my full marathon. The medal is also a compact mirror. The medals are a typical medal size and sometimes even bigger than ones from actual races.

This was a 10k race also I did. Runder the Sea. I usually complete the longer ones in downtown St. Pete against the water. It makes for a cooler run. I set out with the mileage and away I go.

This was a Marathon virtual race to support Jess on her journey to the Boston Marathon. This race you had to complete 26.2 miles over the the dates of April 1-18. This was a lot of fun because she had a Facebook Page set up with it and you can upload your mileage or picture each run or walk or bike you did to get to the 26.2. I typically run my virtual races, but this one I did a mixture of everything.

Holiday runs are always a good time too...especially if you cant get to an actually one.

And a Valentine's Day run. This one came with a shirt and runner candy hearts.

All of my races have come with a shirt and bib besides the local one with Jess but she sent a great swag bag along with hers.

The shirts are cotton shirts which are just fun to wear around anytime. I have a She Believed She Could So She Did, Runder the Sea, Kiss Me I am a Runner and Love To Run.

I sign up for my Virtual races through Gone For A Run they have a new one practically every month.

And now a lot of races are also giving you the virtual option too if you cant make the actually day. I have done one a Half Marathon Best Damn Race Jacksonville one too, a couple of years ago.

Virtual Races are so much fun. You do it however you want. Create your own race, get friends to sign up too. Celebrate the accomplishment, hang your medal proudly. Branch and sign up for a mileage you wouldn't normally sign up for. Use it in training or mainly motivation.

However you choose, just enjoy the run!!!