Thursday, September 1, 2016

Hello September

Hello September!!!

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Its amazing that it is September 1st already. I am shocked but also not all that surprised, the way this year has been going, this just makes sense it is already here.

August was a different month for me, in the sense a lot went on. The beginning of the month brought some serious heartache for my Best Friend, which in turn brought on some serious heartache for me. Losing her husband at the beginning of the month was something neither of us saw coming. I quickly flew to be by her side so I could be of some comfort for me.

Then the month just went right on by. At work, I jumped back in by being out one extra day. I had a new assistant start this month also, which also brought on a lot of new change in my store. Training someone is different at TR, it is very detailed and lengthy and time consuming but we worked hard to adjust to it.

And then the last few days I have been in Ohio in meetings with Things Remembered for the upcoming Holiday Season. Out of my comfort zone a bit in the fact of no structure in any way but I had a great time. Learned and got to see some really awesome product coming our way this year. And got to meet some really great people.

I am so blessed to have a DM who is not only my boss, but my mentor in life and my friend. I have learned above and beyond from Jen about our company and continuing to do so. But also when you surround yourself with good people, who become a better person. So I have been having some really bad hip pain lately. I mean seriously bad, it is hard to sit, stand and move and running, gosh it is I am seriously slow running from the pain, BUT I am not giving up, no matter what.

I have around 3 rest days a week and then running and working out in between. This week we were in Ohio for Monday-Wednesday. On Monday, I used as a Rest Day because of the travel and knew it would be busy. Jen is on a year long running streak, running no less than 3 miles a day for the whole year, she is on day 280 I believe. Since we were at the conference together, I knew I wanted to run with her some. So I ran in the morning on Tuesday and Wednesday with her. It was nice of her to do the run walk interval with me. Since the hip pain, I have gone back to running the Galloway method, so I can get back on track.

Since we were staying in a hotel, there wasn't a whole lot of area we knew around there so we did some laps in the parking lot. We got up super early, 5 and 530 and went out and started our day. It felt great to run with a friend and to do it while away from home and make no excuses. Believe me I was in pain but I knew I wanted and needed to do this.

We did the 3 miles each day and on Tuesday night we had a blast and danced the  night away. Literally we were taking the dance floor by storm.

Also surrounding yourself with good people, allows you to make good choices. The food was buffet style both the first night, breakfast, lunch. But I made really awesome choices to keep me on track. That I was beyond proud of. I mean they had these cookies, literally the size of my face and I ate an apple. They had potato wedges and macaroni and cheese and pretzel buns and burgers and all this stuff and I stuck to some salad and chicken breast. Did I want all the other stuff, yes of course, but I knew this was not the time to do it. I felt so good from my run and making choices, I didn't want to spoil it now.

And the salad and chicken was still really good. I did have a roll one night at dinner and I split a piece of cake with Jen. It was heavenly because I believe I truly earned to take a bite of it. I had two glasses of white wine we did go Ham on some cheese but it was all good. I left there feeling great and set up for success.

There is no shame in saying I have gotten off track sometimes lately. Picking at things I shouldn't or keeping things on my food, I normally never would, but this helped me start right back again. And what perfect timing.

September 1st brings on the start of a pretty crazy months for me. September starts the holiday season, I know it doesn't seem like it but it surely does. And then my life is a non stop whirlwind of fun per say. So it is time to strap in and get going. It also means to kick up my fitness like I have been and I am  happy with the plan I have in place.

Shooting for 5 pounds down this month. Weighing only at the beginning and the end. Still tracking on My Fitness Pal and running 2-3 times a week, fitting in a rest day or two and then the other at the gym.

Personally this month planning on reading at least 5 books this month. I just finished one today. Growing more with my book club and really coming back to my blog with fun and fresh new posts.

So what are some goals or plans do you have for September???