Sunday, September 4, 2016

I Gotta Plan, Stan???

Good Morning!!!!

Okay, so you might have known that I have been going through some Hip pain lately. This is all new to me, I mean really new to me, I have not had a runners injury, besides some foot pain here and there, but this is a whole new level. Each morning I woke up with just pain, it hurt to walk and move, but with some Ibproufen, I was good to go. I ran some on it, but it hurt and would slooooww me down a bunch.

I talked with my friend Jen and she suffered from it also, early in the year and some here and there. I have never had that pain before, so I thought maybe it was new shoes. So I got some new ones and it helped, but even when I was sitting for a period of time, getting up was worse too. I mean I was in some serious pain. On Friday, I was at my breaking point, I couldn't walk and I was hunched over. I took the day for nothing but rest, seriously I laid on the couch and watched a full movie and read a book.

Yesterday, I woke up and felt a bit better, but being on my feet all day at work, hurt a bit, but I just gotta power through. I did get the recommendation to take a bit of time off of running to limit some impact and incorporate some other exercises, which I have been wanting to do anyway. So the timing might just be perfect. I have hang up my running shoes for just a little bit, I haven't ran since Wednesday and plan to not run until Wednesday this week too.

So I went on Pinterest last night and pulled up a plan I had pinned, well forever ago. It breaks it into 3 levels and 7 days of exercise doing a little something each day.
Level one exercise plan, snag a PDF download of this routine on my blog.:

I found it here also

I am pretty excited to see how this will work out. I am also going to do some Yin Yoga, as my friend told me it will help to open up my hips. So here is my dedication to really buckle down and do this. I am starting today so I can do it before work, yes I have to work late tonight.

Lets hope that this clears up and I can get back to my running also, but heck at least time I have a plan!!! I'll report back each week of course, here is my journey with more than running.