Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite T.V. Moments

It is my favorite day of the week!!!

This Tuesday we are talking T.V. For a lot of shows this week and next week, it is premiere week!!! I am so happy that my favorites are coming back and into rotation into my life again. So this week Nanci over at This Crazy Life of Mine and I are talking about some of our Top TV moments or series finales. You know there are moments in our T.V. love those scenes, finales and moments we just absolutely loved.

When Meredith asked Derek to Pick Her, Choose Her, Love Her...I mean break my heart in two...

9. Another Grey's moment...when Denny Dies...probably one of the saddest moments on Grey's

8. Parenthood was one of my favorite shows, I found after it aired, but the series finale and the final scene where the Braverman family plays baseball...
Image result for parenthood final scene

7. I am such a dork and have loved Saved By The Bell my whole life but when Zach and Kelly took their vows and they played a scene of all their love, it still makes me tear up lol and I still cried a bit

The Red Wedding on Game of Thrones, was on of the most shocking. It was non stop killing and heartbreaking all at the same time...

'Game of Thrones'

The final scene and episode of The Sorpranos, the way it faded to black with Don't Stop Believing. Did Willow get in the restaurant?? What went on???

'The Sopranos'

One of my favorite shows of all time is The Wire. James introduced me into the show and it is now one of my favorites, it aired on HBO years ago, we now own it because we loved it so much. When Omar one of the main characters and huge influence on the show, died, it was a scene and the way he died was like no other...

'The Wire'

When Jim asked Pam to marry him on The Office...we can't hear anything, but gosh...
 Image result for jim proposes to pam scene

I mean this one was everything you are hoping for from Friends....


The Final Scene of Breaking Bad, was everything
Image result for breaking bad finale

Everything that lead up to it...

What is your favorite T.V. Moment??