Sunday, September 18, 2016

Tampa Bay Coffee & Art Festival Recap

Thanks to my partnership with Tampa Bay Bloggers, I was given an entry to attend the Tampa Bay Coffee & Art Festival on September 10th, all opinions are my own.

If there is one thing about me you should know is I love Coffee!! Iced Coffee, Hot Coffee, Cold Brew, Coffee candy, anything and everything Coffee, I am a big fan of it all. So I was pretty excited to one hear about the festival and Two attend the event.

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The coffee and art festival was a perfect little get together of local artists and coffee establishments. When attending the event you are given a punch card to taste 4 different local coffee shops. I tasted each of the coffees without any milk or sweetner, I wanted to really taste what each one brought to the table. I am not much of black coffee drinker and I love my flavored coffee, but this was an awesome experience to really enhance my coffee skills.

I was happy that each one was indeed an iced coffee. Out of the four I tasted Buddy Brew Coffee was my favorite, which is located in Tampa. It had a light taste to it, not bitter and I have heard and seen they have an awesome Cold Brew, which I got on the way home. They also had a food truck available from the same establishment and sold out really quickly. Which in my mind, means I need to go and take a trip to see them and get a bite.

There were around 10-12 different local vendors also, selling and displaying their art. The talent and fun paintings and crafts were so neat.

I wish I had a creative bone in my body for that. There was live music, that varied from tempo to tempo.

Two other food trucks were available besides Buddy Brew. Ice Cream and donuts! I mean what two food trucks could go better.  I opted for some ice cream, because it was a hot day but the donuts looked really delicious and seemed to be a huge hit!!

While this event was a bit smaller than I expected it was a lot of fun and super laid back. It was the perfect event to just stroll around and take in the atmosphere. I was grateful to be able to attend and now I have found more coffee places to love besides my favorite Dunkin and Starbucks. I love anything and everything that supports local business.

The event was held by DCNoise and I thought the pamphlet that they provided said it all....

"DCN...Started in 2012 by a group of college students, DCNoise is a benefit concert series developed to help raise funding and awareness for different organizations around the Tampa Bay area. The purpose of DCNoise is to strengthen and invigorate Tampa Bay through innovative and community-conscious events. We work with local organizations to create customized events that help them tell their story. We believe that the best way to make the world a better place is to do it together!"

They will be holding another Coffee and Art festival next year also and I cant wait to see the expansion and more coffee and vendors and that is a

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